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Planning an overseas wedding is always a bit of a challenge. You have more things to worry about and tasks to tackle to get the wedding in order. That said, having the special occasion in an exotic location or a destination that you love so much makes the magical day even more special.


Planning Wedding Gozo -


Among the many wedding destinations in the world, the island of Gozo in the Mediterranean Sea is a fantastic one to consider for your wedding. It is the ideal wedding destination. To make planning your wedding in Gozo even easier, here are the top tips you can use.


Timing IS Everything

Timing your wedding is an important thing to do when you want to have it in Gozo. The island has good weather all year round, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick a good time for your wedding. You want the wedding to be held at the right time according to the kind of wedding experience you want to have.

Gozo tends to be hotter in the summer. July, August, and September are perfect for those who want to have a summer wedding, especially if you want to return home with a tan. The island is relatively humid as you get closer to September; that’s something to consider too.

January to early April is considered low season in Malta and Gozo. You can have a quiet wedding and will get better prices when you time yours during this period. You will also be able to sample the island better since there are fewer tourists around.


Planning Wedding Gozo -


Go Local

Gozo is a popular wedding destination. In Gozo you can find all amenities to prepare for your dream wedding. There are many service providers that are more than happy to help you set up your special day. The best way to go is working with local providers.

The first thing you want to find is a wedding organiser. Even when you plan to handle most of the wedding yourself, having a wedding organiser assisting you with wedding preparations on the island will make the planning of your wedding less stressful.

Caterers and other service providers are just as easy to find. You can browse through websites of service providers, contact them to ask questions, review their past projects, and settle for the ones that suit you best, all without leaving the comfort of your home.


Planning Wedding Gozo -


Pre-Wedding Visit

While it is possible to have everything ready for the wedding without going to Gozo prior to the wedding, a pre-wedding visit is not a bad idea at all. For starters, you can have your pre-wedding photos taken on the island; this way, the trip is more rewarding.

A visit to the vendors and meeting your wedding planner directly will also help you get a good feel of how the wedding is coming along. You can anticipate potential issues early, have more confidence about the whole situation, and feel more relaxed on the actual wedding day.

Besides, wedding planning is stressful. And a quick vacation even before the wedding wouldn’t hurt, would it?


Planning Wedding Gozo -


Don’t Forget the Guests

Handling guests is a big challenge when you are having a destination wedding. At the very least, you can notify the guests early about the wedding so that they can make the necessary arrangements to be there. Be sure to include as many details and instructions as possible with the wedding invitation.

If you’re offering accommodation for select guests, find hotels and villas that are close to the wedding venue. You can save on transportation costs and offer a better experience to the guests. Once these details are covered, you can return to preparing for your magical day on the island of Gozo.

What should I do next?

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