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8 Steps To Getting Married in Croatia - Weddings Abroad


How to get married in Croatia? Did you know that Croatia is one of the most beautiful and popular wedding destinations in Europe? It is popular for its spectacular and long coastline, numerous national parks, historical yet unique attractions, several sightseeing options, mild weather, amazing cuisine and fine wines.

With numerous wedding venues for every taste and size, Croatia can accommodate different types of weddings and celebrations. From locations by the beach with colourful sunset views, chic and boho-style wedding venues, and historical castles, to lush gardens and private villa settings – Croatia offers magnificent wedding venues for every wedding style.

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you with your Croatia wedding planning process. This is your guide to getting married in Croatia – we’re introducing you to where-and-how information, offering advice and relevant information.

Chic Croatia will make your Croatia wedding planning as easy as possible, offering client oriented service, a tailor-made approach, and full event planning assistance. Bringing your dream destination wedding to life is not as difficult with the helping hand of the Chic Croatia wedding planner.


8 Steps To Getting Married in Croatia - Weddings Abroad


These steps will help you navigate the wedding planning process in Croatia:

Hire a wedding planner

This should be your first, and one of the most important steps. Wedding planning itself is stressful enough, and destination wedding planning can be extremely difficult and challenging unless you have a support of a local wedding planner. Your wedding planner should be a skilful event planner who can make dreams come true. But also, your wedding planner should be someone you can rely on and ask for advice and help at any time during the wedding planning process.


Define your budget and priorities

To begin, determine what kind of wedding you’d like to have. A small and intimate one, or a big, lavish style wedding? Your wedding budget is your starting point as it will influence all your future decisions: a wedding venue, menu and beverage choice, decoration style and design, and all other big, and small decisions.


8 Steps To Getting Married in Croatia - Weddings Abroad


Decide on the type of ceremony

There are a few different types of wedding ceremonies you can have for your destination wedding in Croatia. Do you plan to have a legal, symbolic, or religious type of ceremony? Decide this early in the wedding planning process as it will impact the planning and your overall wedding budget. Legally getting married in Croatia requires paperwork and time so make sure to get all the information and prepare all requirements on time. Chic Croatia will coordinate all the legal formalities to make the whole process smoother.


Choose the wedding style you love

Depending on your budget and personal style, there are many different wedding themes to choose from. Your wedding day theme should reflect your personality and tastes, creating a memorable day for you and your loved ones. Popular wedding themes are classic, rustic chic, boho, garden, and glam…Chic Croatia tip for couples who love Mediterranean style: incorporate authentic local culture into your wedding day. Choose local florals, natural textiles, and local specialties to create a Mediterranean fairytale.


8 Steps To Getting Married in Croatia - Weddings Abroad


Choose your location

This is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Croatia has many different regions to choose from, so start by deciding where you’d like to have your wedding organised. Explore destinations and try to get as much information and details as possible. Take your wedding planner’s advice into consideration but also follow your feeling. Chic Croatia served the area of Middle Dalmatia, including but not limited to: the cities of Split, Trogir, and Sibenik, as well as the islands of Brac, Hvar, Solta, and Vis. Each of the destinations is unique and special, offering numerous wedding venues and attractions. When choosing the location for your destination wedding, think of the following:

– Flights – how easy is it to access the destination?

– Safety – is it safe?

– What type of venue are you looking for?

– Attractions and what to see & do at the destination


Pick a date and your dream Croatia wedding venue

Once you’ve chosen your wedding location and found your dream wedding venue in Croatia, it gets easier. Find a date that best suits you, check the availability, and make a booking. Pay a deposit, but also make sure to get a copy of the contract, and ask questions about refunds, bad weather scenarios, minimum guarantee, and others.


Confirm all other vendors

Chic Croatia will guide you through the process of wedding planning in Croatia and make sure all aspects of wedding planning are covered. Furthermore, your Croatia wedding planner will also lead your vendor selection process, helping you find the right fit when it comes to flowers, music, catering, and other vendors.


Get married & celebrate

Worth the wait, it is time to celebrate with your loved ones. Your wedding day is a time for celebration and happiness. With the help of Chic Croatia, getting married in Croatia will be a fairly simple and smooth process. Chic Croatia is a boutique wedding planning agency from the island of Brac that will help you plan, design, and style your wedding day from top to bottom.

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8 Steps To Getting Married in Croatia - Weddings Abroad


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