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When it’s quiet, the beach can be an extremely romantic place. Calm waters, framed by sunrise or sunset can make it feel like you and your partner are the only people in the world. It’s therefore easy to see why many people choose to propose in this setting.

There are plenty of different options for a beach proposal, and only you will know what is perfect for you and your partner. Whether you choose to do something more subtle or go all in with a big gesture, hopefully it will be a special moment for you both to remember for the rest of your lives. We take a look at a few ideas to spark your inspiration.


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Hire a sand artist

Sand artists are incredibly talented and their work goes far beyond simply building an elaborate sandcastle. They can create large pieces of art by modelling and brushing the sand into shapes on the beach, and they work with the added challenge of the sea coming to wash away their work when the tide comes in.

Why not see if there are any local sand artists in your area and get them to create a sand sculpture for your proposal? If there is a specific animal or building that is significant to your relationship, you could commission them to make this, or opt for a simple image but with the words ‘will you marry me?’ incorporated into the design. Whilst you could etch this into the sand yourself, going to the effort of arranging this will create an extra-special moment for your partner. Work with the artist to agree on a suitable time and then pretend to stumble across it for the ultimate surprise.


Beach Proposal


Conceal the ring

If you want your partner to find the gorgeous engagement ring you’ve chosen for themselves, why not conceal the ring in a box inspired by nature? There are plenty of custom designers creating shells to hold the ring, or rocks with a hidden compartment.

You can either pretend to pick up the shell and ask your partner what they think of it, or plant it on the beach and try the same approach. Just be wary of being away from your rock or shell, as you wouldn’t want anyone else to pick it up or for it to get lost or thrown in the sea!


Beach Proposal


Romantic set up

Whilst this might be a little challenging in windy weather, if you’re on holiday for your proposal or blessed to live somewhere warm, a romantic setup can be perfect. Why not get your partner’s friends and family involved – they can take your loved one on a walk and then ‘discover’ you and your setup, before leaving you in peace.

Why not create an intimate picnic of your partner’s favourite foods, on a blanket with cosy cushions? Try using LED candles and tealights here, as they won’t keep going out and therefore spoil the effect if there is any wind. If there is a particular song that is ‘your song’, then you could also bring a portable speaker and have it play as you get down on one knee.


Beach Proposal
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