The Most Popular Wedding Destinations Around the World

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Most Popular Wedding Destinations -

There is an increasing amount of couples that are choosing to get married overseas, and it is easy to why. Even with far-flung destinations, an extravagant wedding in Europe or exotic destinations further afield can cost far less than having a wedding in the UK. Some of the best wedding options include Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Italy and Greece. From an exotic beach wedding in Fiji to a traditional wedding in Portugal, here are some of the most popular wedding destinations around the world. 


For centuries, people have travelled to Italy to discover that the country that has been transformed by many of history’s most significant figures. Create your own moment of history by escorting your guests and future husband or wife to this timeless country. Maybe you would like a peaceful wedding on the banks of Lake Garda. Or maybe closer to the capital of Rome so you can explore sites like the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and Spanish Steps. If you choose Italy for your wedding, you won’t be short on thing to do. 


If you are looking for a unique wedding location for your special day, Spain has something that suits everyone. The city of Barcelona is a hub of modernism which makes it perfect for art lovers. If your style is more about thriving cities, then Madrid can be the destination for you. For those who want to travel to the South of the country, there are beautiful cities such as Malaga and Granada, which are both as equally unique. 

Provincial France 

Beautiful villages and romantic cobblestoned roads fill the green hills of Provincial France. From Burgundy to Provence, Avignon to Bordeaux, there is a range of different locations for you to choose from for your French provincial wedding. In one of Provincial France’s most picturesque villages lies the breath-taking hidden chateau of La Bastide de Gordes. This historic hotel offers panoramic views of the surrounding valley. If you want elegance and to be around some of the most beautiful nature in all of Europe on your wedding day, this may just be the wedding destination of your dreams. 


If world-class food, historic architecture and endless beaches are on your bucket list, then Portugal is the wedding destination you have been looking for. Sharing its southern border with Spain, this country has something for everyone. From the castles of Sintra to the beautiful coves of Lagos, Portugal is the perfect destination for a unique wedding. 

Most Popular Wedding Destinations -


Greece is a beautiful historic country that has it all. It’s famous for its beaches and islands together with its forests, impressive mountains and culturally vibrant capital. From sunbathing on a calm beach in Crete and clubbing in Athens, to hiking in the mountains and along the rivers of the Peloponnese, it’s a country with unlimited opportunity that will satisfy everyone’s preferences and style. 


If walking down the aisle in soft white sand and surrounded by crystal clear waves sounds perfect to you then Fiji is the wedding destination for you. With over 300 islands making up this archipelago, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing the perfect one for your wedding. In this tropical paradise, exotic palm trees line the golden beaches, and coral reefs wait to be explored. If you and your partner have always dreamed of the perfect beachside wedding, then Fiji should be on your list of locations to consider. 

Sri Lanka

If you are looking to have a wedding that is full of exotic, bright colours, then get packing for Sri Lanka. Located just south of India in the Indian Ocean, the distinctive landscape has of this beautiful country has something for everyone. From picturesque beaches, rainforests where wildlife roams free, or timeless ruins that are thousands of years old, a wedding in Sri Lanka will be nothing short of extraordinary. Amidst the array of beauty that is found in Sri Lanka, you can also try some of the country’s irresistible food and drink. The result being that if you are looking for a culturally unique wedding, this is a standout destination on this list. 

Most Popular Wedding Destinations -

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