Underwater Wedding

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Underwater Wedding Dive Weddings Destination Wedding WeddingsAbroad.com Cayman Islands
Underwater Wedding in the Cayman Islands


Underwater Wedding in the Cayman Islands from WeddingsAbroad.com


The trend for underwater weddings is relatively new, and is becoming more popular, especially amongst as avid scuba divers see a way to celebrate their love for their hobby and each other. Many couples who’ve met as dive buddies then decide to commit to their relationship in the same way that it began.  Others just want to experience a different kind of wedding ceremony being at one with Mother Nature.Underwater Dive Wedding Weddings Abroad Destination Wedding WeddingsAbroad.com

Compass Point Dive Resort located in the tranquil East End of Grand Cayman is one of the locations across the Cayman Islands where we can offer an underwater wedding.  They offer world class scuba diving, being renowned for pristine reefs and breathtaking wall diving, coupled with custom-built dive boats awaiting at the end of the dock, just a step away from your room, and award winning dive staff, brought to by onsite operators Ocean Frontiers.

Get married in the underwater at a variety of locations, and let the stingrays, reef fish and other marine life serve as witnesses!


Underwater Dive Wedding Cayman ISlands Destination Wedding WeddingsAbroad.com

Arrangements can also be made for an underwater photographer for your romantic-at-sea ceremony

Underwater Wedding Cayman Islands WeddingsAbroad.com Destination Wedding Planner


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