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Destination Wedding Expert - Questions we asked our Weddings Abroad Expert & Planner Karen Thornton-Brown of


Destination Wedding Expert: The Changing Landscape and Top Destinations for Tying the Knot Abroad

What changes have you seen in the destination wedding market?

Over the past few years, the destination wedding market has undergone some significant changes, and recent events have only accelerated these trends. Here’s what we’ve noticed:

Advanced bookings: Couples are planning their weddings further in advance, with many now looking to tie the knot two to three years or more into the future. This trend has only accelerated in the wake of the pandemic, as many couples look to secure their preferred dates and locations.

Increased enquiries and recommendations: Despite the challenging global environment, we have received more enquiries and recommendations than ever before. This indicates that couples are still keen to explore the unique and unforgettable experience that a destination wedding can offer.


Destination Wedding Expert - Questions we asked our Weddings Abroad Expert & Planner Karen Thornton-Brown of

What are the top destinations for getting married abroad?

Now, let’s take a closer look at the top destinations for getting married abroad:

Italy and Greece: These Mediterranean destinations continue to be popular with couples from the UK, offering stunning coastlines, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

Caribbean and Mexico: The Caribbean islands, including the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Tobago, are always a favourite for their warm weather, beautiful beaches, and vibrant local culture. Mexico is also an excellent option for its stunning resorts, crystal-clear waters, and ancient ruins.

Australia: For those seeking something truly unique, Australia offers an array of beautiful locations, from the rugged Outback to the picturesque coastline.

Nordic destinations: For couples looking to embrace the winter months, Iceland and Finland are becoming increasingly popular for their stunning snowy landscapes, Northern Lights, and cozy atmosphere.

Cayman Islands: Our selection of weddings in the Cayman Islands has also been growing in popularity, with its stunning beaches, clear waters, and relaxed vibe.


Destination Wedding Expert - Questions we asked our Weddings Abroad Expert & Planner Karen Thornton-Brown of



What are the Benefits of a Destination Wedding in Today’s Economic Climate?

With the pandemic’s aftermath still impacting the world economy, destination weddings have become increasingly popular among couples and their families. And for good reason! Choosing to tie the knot at a destination of your choice can be a smart financial move. Not only can the wedding, travel, and honeymoon costs be significantly lower, but the entire experience can be more intimate and enjoyable for all involved.

According to recent statistics, the average cost of a UK wedding is around £31,974. However, the cost of a wedding can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as the location, the number of guests, the type of venue, the time of year, and the level of luxury.

In London, weddings tend to be more expensive than the national average due to the high cost of living in the city. The average cost of a London wedding is estimated to be around £38,000 to £45,000, depending on the same factors mentioned above.

By comparison, destination weddings offer an affordable alternative without sacrificing on the quality of the wedding experience.

In addition, a destination wedding allows couples to invite only their closest family and friends, rather than feeling obligated to invite everyone they know for a wedding at home. So why not consider the advantages of a destination wedding for your special day?




Destination Wedding Expert - Questions we asked our Weddings Abroad Expert & Planner Karen Thornton-Brown of


Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding: What Makes It Different From Planning One at Home?

Are you dreaming of a wedding that’s a little bit different? If you’re considering a destination wedding, you’re in for a treat. Planning a wedding away from home can be an exciting and unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. Here’s what sets it apart from planning a wedding at home:

Firstly, enlisting the help of a dedicated destination wedding specialist can make all the difference. They are experts in all aspects of your wedding in your chosen location, and they can help you navigate the process with ease. This means less stress for you and more time to enjoy the experience!

With a destination wedding, the ceremony locations are limitless. Imagine exchanging your vows on top of a mountain, while scuba diving underwater, or aboard a boat on a lake. The options are endless, and you can choose a location that truly reflects your personalities and preferences.

One of the most significant advantages of planning a wedding abroad is that you and your guests can enjoy a more relaxed and chilled-out atmosphere. Unlike the hectic pace of planning a wedding at home, destination weddings encourage a laid-back vibe. Imagine enjoying a cocktail in your bikini with your girlfriends by the hotel terrace in Grand Cayman, just an hour before your wedding. That’s what we call chilling!




Destination Wedding Expert - Questions we asked our Weddings Abroad Expert & Planner Karen Thornton-Brown of

Experts Ultimate Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding: What are the Top Tips for Brides?

If you’re dreaming of a destination wedding, you’re in for an unforgettable and unique experience. However, planning a wedding abroad requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Here are our top tips for brides who are thinking about marrying abroad:

Use a professional wedding planner: Enlist the services of a dedicated destination wedding planner, who is well-versed in the legal requirements and logistics of planning a wedding abroad. They can help you navigate the process with ease, and offer valuable insights on the best venues, vendors, and local traditions.

Take care of legalities early: Gather all the required documentation as soon as you’ve decided where and when to get married. In some countries, this can take up to four months. Also, check if you need to register your marriage upon your return home.

Choose the perfect destination: Consider a destination that offers something for everyone, such as beautiful beaches, cultural landmarks, and a variety of activities. Make sure to check local climates and seasons to avoid any unexpected weather conditions.



Destination Wedding Expert - Questions we asked our Weddings Abroad Expert & Planner Karen Thornton-Brown of


Plan for insurance: As soon as you start planning your wedding abroad and pay deposits, think about buying wedding insurance. Most policies include document indemnity cover for travel and accommodation costs associated with obtaining replacement birth certificates, passports, and visas.

Check for availability: Check with your wedding planner to ensure there are no other weddings taking place on your chosen date, and make sure to book your venue and vendors well in advance.

Have a backup plan: If you’re having an outdoor wedding, make sure there’s an alternative venue in case of inclement weather.


Destination Wedding Expert - Questions we asked our Weddings Abroad Expert & Planner Karen Thornton-Brown of


Consider accommodation: Decide if you want to stay in the same hotel as your guests, or opt for a separate location for your honeymoon.

Personalise your wedding: Incorporate local traditions or customs into your ceremony or reception to make your destination wedding more unique and memorable.

Send save-the-date cards early: With a destination wedding, save-the-date cards are crucial. Send them out as early as possible, preferably at least eight months in advance.

Plan to arrive early: Plan to arrive at your wedding destination a few days prior to the actual wedding to avoid any last-minute hitches. This will give you time to attend necessary paperwork appointments and meet with your wedding planner on site.

With these tips in mind, you can start planning your dream destination wedding with confidence and ease. Happy planning!


Destination Wedding Expert - Questions we asked our Weddings Abroad Expert & Planner Karen Thornton-Brown of

In summary, the destination wedding market is constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant: the desire for a unique and unforgettable wedding experience. With a little research and planning, you can find the perfect destination to make your dream wedding a reality. was established in 1999, as the ultimate consulted expert wedding co-ordinators and destination wedding planners.  Being considered as one of the top destination wedding experts and wedding coordination companies in the world. We are recognised for having created unique, fun and amazing event experiences whether they are extraordinary destination weddings or exclusive celebrity events.

Due to our increased workload as destination wedding experts and ongoing demand from clients asking for our preferred partners and professional recommendations of wedding and travel professionals across the world. We decided to create the ultimate black book of destination wedding professionals worldwide! The creation of this directory couldn’t come soon enough! As we’ve been doing this for over 20+ years who else could give you unrivalled expert advice? is ever changing, providing the means for couples to find the most romantic, unique setting for their special day.  Want to chat with like minded brides and grooms, or ask some expert advice from our wedding professionals worldwide? Then join our group on facebook



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