The Key Questions You Need To Be Able To Answer About Your Destination Wedding

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Table of Contents

Key Questions - Weddings Abroad - Destination Weddings
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It’s so simple to get caught up in the romance of a destination wedding. You get swept away with ideas and ideals, dreams and delights, excitement and energy. You spend so much time wondering if an unusual wedding would suit you or which country to choose that the rest falls aside.

And that’s fine! You’re getting married and doing it in a way that suits you and your partner. This is the most romantic time of your life; if you’re not getting swept away in it, then that’s probably a bad sign. However – there’s always a “however”, isn’t there? – this is still a complex process. It’s still a legally binding ceremony you have to arrange and be prepared for.

So for a little while, let’s break away from the wonderful ideas and focus on the boring bits for a moment. You need to be able to answer the following questions before you go ahead and finalise plans for marrying abroad.

Then go and look at a thousand and one photos of weddings abroad as a little inspirational treat to yourself. Deal? Deal.

Have You Got The Legality Right?

In some countries, you have to be a resident to be able to legally marry there. This is something you need to know off the bat, so you can be sure if the ceremony is going to be symbolic or legal.

On top of that bureaucratic nightmare, you have to consider the implications of travelling to a foreign country. That means you have all the usuals such as visas, travel insurance and (depending on destination) vaccines. Don’t assume you know the deal because you have travelled to a country before; as Etias information shows, these change all the time. If you’re in the UK and planning for a European wedding in a couple of years, Brexit might have made it more difficult – so be aware.

Is Everyone Okay With The Costs Involved?

One of the major upsides of a destination wedding is that it can work out as less expensive. You spend the money for the moment, the experience, rather than a big day with a thousand and one people present.

It does mean that some of your guests – however small the group – may have to pay more than they would have to attend a home soil wedding. This is likely to be worth it for them; seeing you marry and getting a holiday into the bargain – what could be better?

It’s still important to have a long conversation and ensure everyone is comfortable with cost. Better that than to have any unpleasant arguments in the aftermath.

Have You Considered What You’ll Do If Something Bad Occurs?

Key Questions - Destination Weddings - Weddings Abroad
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If there’s a weather-related disaster for a home wedding, you can all go home for the evening. That’s not going to be an option when you get married abroad. It’s a good idea to have contingency plans in place, including for nightmares such as lost luggage on the trip over.

Now, didn’t you have lots of beautiful pictures to go and enjoy?


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