Micro-Wedding: Going Small Is The New Big Trend

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Micro Weddings - Weddings Abroad - D

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Micro Weddings - Weddings Abroad - Destination Weddings

Not wanting a large scale event, but not wanting to elope, many of our couples now embrace the emerging trend for a microwedding – an intimate gathering of family and friends.

What is a microwedding?
Unlike an elopement, which is organised by the bride and groom in secret, a microwedding retains some of the structure of a traditional wedding, except on a smaller scale.

A streamlined celebration of marriage that has only a handful of invited guests (slightly bigger than an elopement, but just involving close friends and family – maybe 15 guests tops), is shorter in duration and more simple in format, relaxed in atmosphere and less stressful to organise than a traditional large-scale wedding.

Why choose a microwedding?
Microweddings aren’t necessarily about being understated or thrifty. Sometimes, couples go all out for a smaller number of guests.

Making it less about the money and more about the personalisation and flexibility. The benefit of doing a microwedding is that you can spend more (on each guest) than if you’d invited 100 guests.

So if you wanted to serve your favourite fine wine or you wanted every guest to have the perfect luxury wedding favour or you wanted to go to your favourite restaurant for dinner. It’s a lot easier to do that with 15 guests than it is with 100.

A microwedding is the perfect scenario for being able to share the special day with those you love the most. You don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone and you can set the pace for the day without needing to consider the mindsets of the masses.

Micro Weddings - Weddings Abroad - Destination Weddings

How does a microwedding differ from that of a larger wedding?
The wonderful thing about a micro wedding though is that the couple have a lot more options to do what they want and are able to include or eliminate whatever they choose!

Less people means certain locations off-limits to large crowds suddenly become a possibility. Mountain top only accessible by helicopter? Underwater nuptials at sea? If there’s only six of you – that’s doable.

Since there are probably a lot fewer elements involved in both planning and execution, a microwedding can be planned in much less time than a larger wedding.

Micro Weddings - Weddings Abroad - D

What is your best advice to a couple planning to go small for their big day?
Be brave, be bold, be you! Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, going micro allows you the ability to be true to who you are so embrace it!

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