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Say ‘I do’ to a beautiful and intimate wedding in a stunning destination! Our ultimate guide to planning a memorable microwedding destination wedding has everything you need to know

What is a microwedding?

Are you looking for a unique and personalised way to celebrate your love without the pressure of a traditional large-scale wedding? If so, you might want to consider a micro wedding! Unlike elopements, which are often organised in secret, microweddings retain some of the traditional wedding structures, but on a smaller scale.

As destination wedding experts, we understand the appeal of micro weddings for couples who want a more intimate and relaxed celebration of their love. With only a few close friends and family members in attendance, microweddings offer a streamlined and stress-free alternative to traditional weddings.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into what a microwedding is and why it might be the perfect option for you. From the advantages of having a smaller guest list to the unique personalisation opportunities, we’ll cover everything you need to know to plan your dream micro wedding.


Micro Weddings Microwedding Destination Weddings Abroad Experts
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Why choose a microwedding?

Microweddings have become increasingly popular among couples looking for an intimate and personalised celebration of their love. While microweddings are typically smaller than traditional weddings, they offer many benefits that can make your big day even more special. Here are some reasons why you might choose a microwedding for your wedding:

More Personalisation and Flexibility
Microweddings are not just for those who want a smaller wedding for budget reasons. They can offer more personalisation and flexibility than larger weddings. With fewer guests, you can focus on the details that matter most to you, such as choosing your favourite fine wine, luxury wedding favours, or even going to your favourite restaurant for dinner. Couples have more control over the details of their wedding, making it a more meaningful and memorable experience.

More Time with Your Loved Ones
Microweddings offer the opportunity to spend quality time with your closest family and friends. With a smaller guest list, you can interact with each guest and make memories that will last a lifetime. You won’t feel rushed or overwhelmed, and you can create a more intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

Less Stress
Planning a large-scale wedding can be a stressful experience. With a microwedding, there are fewer moving parts to coordinate and fewer decisions to make. This means you can focus on what’s important and enjoy the planning process. You won’t have to worry about pleasing everyone, and you can set the pace for the day without considering the opinions of the masses.

More Budget-Friendly
While a microwedding can offer more personalisation and flexibility, it can also be a budget-friendly option. With fewer guests, you can save money on catering, decor, and other wedding expenses. You can allocate your budget towards creating a more meaningful and personalised experience for you and your guests.


Micro Weddings Microwedding Destination Weddings Abroad Experts
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How does a microwedding differ from that of a larger wedding?

The wonderful thing about a micro wedding though is that the couple have a lot more options to do what they want and are able to include or eliminate whatever they choose!

One of the biggest advantages of a microwedding is the flexibility in choosing the location. With fewer guests, certain locations that may have been off-limits to large crowds become a possibility. Couples can choose a location that is meaningful to them, whether it is a mountaintop accessible only by helicopter or an intimate backyard gathering.

A microwedding offers the opportunity to personalise and customise the wedding day to the couple’s tastes and preferences. Couples can include or eliminate whatever they choose, from the music playlist to the type of wedding favours they give out. With fewer guests, couples can make every detail of their wedding more personalised and special.

Time and Cost
Since there are fewer elements involved in both planning and execution, microweddings can be planned in much less time than a larger wedding. This means that couples can get married sooner and with less stress. In addition, microweddings are typically less expensive than larger weddings, as they require fewer resources.

Microweddings are more relaxed in atmosphere than larger weddings. With fewer guests, couples can focus on spending time with their loved ones and creating a more intimate and comfortable atmosphere. They can also choose to have a more laid-back and casual wedding, without the pressure of a large-scale event.


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What is your best advice to a couple planning to go small for their big day?

Be brave, be bold, be you! Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, going micro allows you the ability to be true to who you are so embrace it!

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Micro Weddings Microwedding Destination Weddings Abroad Experts
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What should I do next?

Start researching elopement planners that specialise at your chosen wedding location, or consult specialists such –  who have travelled the world extensively not only planning weddings but working with hotels/resorts/tourism boards advising them on their destination wedding portfolio.  They now have an impressive directory of vendors worldwide to start you on your exciting destination wedding planning journey.
Don’t forget to discuss with other brides and grooms going through the same experience on our dedicated group

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