Material Memories: Souvenirs From Your Big Day

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Souvenirs From Your Big Day -

Table of Contents

For a lot of people, the day they get married will be one of the best of their life, and will be forged into their memories for years to come. From the music and decorations to the ceremony and guests, you will have a vivid and stirring recollection of your wedding, especially given the time and effort you’ve put into it. This is a day you get to cherish for the rest of your life, and it shouldn’t be too hard to keep it in your mind.

Of course, though, it never hurts to give your brain a little boost, and there are loads of ways that you can do this. One of the best ways is through your senses. Memories are very closely tied to vision, hearing, taste, smell, and even feel, giving you access to a figurative set of keys when it comes to unlocking what you remember. On your big day, this is especially relevant, because you have an excellent chance to gather loads of memory-jogging tokens, and this post is here to help you out.

While you’re one of the most important people at your wedding, it’s important to consider the guests you have and what they have to remember the day by, as well. This post will be exploring a range of the different options you have to achieve goals like these. Of course, though, it can pay to do some research for yourself, as inspiration could strike, giving you a great idea to enhance your big day.


Souvenirs From Your Big Day -



  • For Your Partner & You


You are the two most important people during your wedding events. Though you’ve put in all of the work, you are the ones people are coming to see, and this means that you should have the first chances to keep your memories fresh. Below, you can find loads of examples of the different ways you can achieve this goal, while also saving money on extra items which you don’t really need.


Photographs/Video: Nowadays, cameras can record digital images which almost look better than real life. Along with this, video has also reached an incredible stage, with some devices able to record broadcast quality footage without any of the cost. To ensure that this is handled correctly, most people will want to get a professional photographer for their wedding, as this will improve the quality of the results you get. Not only does this enable you to capture memories, but it also gives you a great way to share them with others.


Guest Books: This next option is a very traditional one, with a lot of people using it regardless of their faith. Having a book to collect small notes from those at your wedding will leave you with a great set of stirring memories to read in the future. Some people will leave jokes, and others will write something more meaningful. In the end, though, they will all make you feel incredibly happy when you look back.


Souvenirs From Your Big Day -


Your Outfits: Most couples will spend a very long time picking the outfits they will be wearing for their wedding. As so much of your memory is dependant on feel, clothing can be a great tool when you’re trying to keep your recollection sharp, as it is often textured and shaped uniquely in each example. Keeping them will be nice and easy unless you decide to rent your garments for the day.


The Order Of Ceremony: One of the hardest things to remember when you look back on something in the past is the order in which things progressed. Thankfully, at most weddings, a list of the events of the day will be printed, along with all of the relevant dates. Collecting a couple of these from your wedding is a great way to jog your memory in the future. Of course, this is also an excellent way to show those who can’t attend what they’ve missed.


Your Rings: Finally, as the last item for you and your partner, it’s time to think about something you’ll be exposed to everyday; your rings. A lot of people find themselves struggling to keep their wedding band on their fingers throughout their life, either thanks to style changes or the ring getting too big or small. There are loads of modern examples of wedding rings which break the trends found in the days of old. Along with this, when your ring doesn’t fit, you can almost always take it somewhere to have it adjusted for you.



  • For The Guests


Your guests will be the next set of people to have on your mind throughout this process. Their memory of your wedding isn’t quite as important as what you feel for it, and you don’t have to go as far. But, of course, you’ll want people to be able to look back fondly, with rich and vivid detail, even if it’s not as vital. Below, you can find some examples of the best tools to help you with this.


Photographs: Like the pictures you take for yourself, your guests could also benefit from having some snaps from the big day. One of the best times for this is during the party in the evening following the ceremony. You can find a photo booth for sale which would enable your guests to take and print quick photos of themselves. Or, if you have a smaller budget, you could think about a few paper sets and a polaroid camera to give people instant photos.


Table Placements: The meal during a wedding day is often referred to as the wedding breakfast, and is a very important part of the event. When your guests arrive, you won’t be able to take them all to their seats, and it will be important to have some table placements to help them. In recent years, it’s become more and more popular to make these into small tokens which people can take with them. For example, a wooden carving of each person’s name along with the wedding date could be a great touch.


Souvenirs From Your Big Day -


After The Day: Once the day is over, you will still have it solidly cemented in your memory, and will be able to cherish every moment for years to come. Of course, though, your guests may not have this keen a mind for an event which wasn’t their own. To keep thoughts of your wedding buzzing in the air going into the future, sending out the some of the photos you collected for yourself on social media is a great idea.


Whether you like the idea of enhancing your recollection of an event like your wedding or not, you can still use a lot of the options in this post to give your wedding a taste of something different. Creativity is key throughout the process of planning something like this. Whether you want to impress a large crowd, or want to have something smaller for just your closest loved ones, you’ll undoubtedly want the day to be something everyone can keep close to their heart for years to come.


With all of this in mind, it should be a lot easier to handle the materials memories you create at your wedding. Of course, this is only a small part of the job before you, and you’ll have loads of other work to do before you’re able to relax and enjoy the fun. Thankfully, though, there are loads of resources around the web to help you out with all of it, and you just need to do some searching to find the best options.


Souvenirs From Your Big Day -

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