A “Canape-do” Attitude! Planning A Wedding Without A Seated Dinner

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Wedding Without A Seated Dinner - Weddingsabroad.com

These days we’re all looking for a cheaper wedding. We’re all trying to cut corners but still have a fantastic day and one of the most popular options at the moment is going away from the traditional wedding dinner. It’s usually a way to bridge the gap between the socialising after the service and the speeches but as anyone who has planned a wedding will know, the food is one of the most expensive bits. So how can you plan a wedding without a traditional seated dinner?


Know Your Other Food Options

People need to eat! And there are plenty of catering tips for your wedding out there to take on board but you need to remember that people still need food in their bellies. Rather than going for the traditional sit-down meal you can set up a buffet or a cocktail reception. The most important thing is that you choose a time that’s appropriate for the sort of event you are having. If you are having an evening wedding you can have a dessert reception which can start around 8 pm. This will give people the opportunity to have dinner before the evening’s festivities. Or if you are going for an earlier wedding a brunch reception is not going to be so heavy on your bar tab!

Wedding Without A Seated Dinner - Weddingsabroad.com

Be Clear About The Meal Situation On The Invites

When people are hungry they can very easily get grumpy. You need to be abundantly clear in your invites what will and will not be laid out. You should never assume that because of the venue or the time of the ceremony that everybody will know no what to expect. It’s far better for you to be transparent with all of the information upfront so if you are having an evening party and a dessert reception people will know to fill their bellies before they turn up. The more information your guests have the better they can prepare themselves and the more fun everyone will have!


It Doesn’t Have To Be Non-Traditional

Just because you are showing the idea of a seated meal doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate other traditional aspects of the wedding. Whatever you want to part of your big day you should do it! Ultimately it’s about you and your significant other so if there are aspects of the big day that you would like, such as the toasts and the speech, there is no need to get rid of them because you’re not having a traditional meal.


Don’t Forget Seating!

Just because you’re not sitting down for a meal doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t provide seats. You have to make sure that your guests are as comfortable as possible. Even if you’re not having a seated meal people want to be able to rest their feet if they’ve been dancing for half the evening. And people will need places to rest their drinks. You want an evening of fun and happiness, so give people a chance to rest up!

Wedding Without A Seated Dinner - Weddingsabroad.com

A wedding without a seated dinner may sound strange to some people but it’s becoming more popular. And it gives you more time to hang around with everybody. A seated dinner can be a very hushed affair. Getting rid of this gives you more of an opportunity to have fun. 

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