The People Most Crucial To Your Wedding (Aside From You and Your SO, Of Course!)

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People Most Crucial To Your Wedding

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There is no one more important than you and your SO on your big day! Although some other folks are pretty vital to the success of your wedding too. Find out who they are and the crucial role they play below.

The person that will walk you down the aisle

OK, before we begin, it’s important to mention here that being walked down the aisle by someone, or ‘given away,’ as it’s known in many cultures, doesn’t always happen. Indeed, many people choose to trot down the aisle solo. This can be because of personal circumstances or a dislike (of what can be seen as) the vestiges of a patriarchal tradition.

That isn’t to say that being walked down the aisle by someone that you love and respect no longer happens, though. In fact, it is quite the opposite, and it is still a widespread practice today.

Traditionally this is a role for the father of the bride. Although, with our understanding of both family and marriage shifting, this is not always the case. Instead, another member of the family or a close and beloved friend may take this role. Indeed, in a same sex wedding, a groom may be walked down the aisle to his groom instead.

The essential thing here is that the person that is being walked down the aisle picks someone they have a deep emotional connection with. That is someone that has supported them throughout their life. Whether this is a mother, a sister, a brother, an aunt or uncle, or even a close friend. 

Best person 

Best people or ‘best men’ are traditionally people there to support the groom on their big day. This tradition springs from history when grooms would have to provide a second as insurance. Just in case they couldn’t get married. The same goes for the brides’ maid of honor. 

Of course, no one expects the best person to step in for the groom these days, but they can certainly be a great help leading up to and during the wedding.

Often it is the best person’s job to organize a pre-wedding celebration such as a bachelor party. Best people usually hold the rings safe for the ceremony as well. Of course, informally, along with the groomsmen, they are also there for moral and emotional support. After all, nerves are relatively common on a wedding day, and it can be beneficial to have someone there for reassurance.

People Most Crucial To Your Wedding

Bridal party

The bridal party is usually made up of bridesmaids and the maid of honor. The role of a bridesmaid can vary widely depending on what the bride expects. Some may be expected to support the bride throughout the planning process. While others are just expected to turn up on the day and wear the dress provided.

Usually, the bride picks her maids from friends, sisters, and close female relatives. The typical process is that they all wear matching dresses. However, there has been a more recent trend of maids wearing dresses of complimenting styles and even colours, which is hugely popular right now.

Wedding planner

As anyone that has planned their own wedding knows, they can be a real hassle. After all, there is so much expectation placed on your big day. You can be that everyone and their uncle will have an opinion on everything down to the canapes you serve!

Some people become so stressed when planning a wedding that they can put their relationships under pressure and even end up not enjoying the day! You know, the one that they have paid out thousands of dollars and waited so long for.

With that in mind, another person who could play a significant role in your wedding is a wedding planner. That is someone whose role is to coordinate your big day, chase things up, and check that every detail is right. Indeed by investing in a wedding planner, you ensure your big day will go off without a hitch and that you will be calm and collected enough to enjoy it!


Many people don’t give too much thought to the person that will be conducting their wedding ceremony. Although, they are, of course, absolutely vital to proceedings! Indeed, most couples tend to pick their venue and go along with the celebrant they recommend or provide.

However, it is worth noting that the celebrant is the person that will guide you through the most meaningful part of your wedding day, the service and vows. Where you make that life long commitment to the other person.

People Most Crucial To Your Wedding

With that in mind, it is essential to take some time to carefully choose the person who will proceed over your wedding. You also need to make sure that they will work with you to create the service you want. Additionally, when it comes to getting married, you must check that the celebrant you use is legally registered to perform the ceremony. Otherwise, you will have to have a legal marriage on a separate day, which many couples end up doing because they didn’t first check!


Finally, parents usually play an essential role in a wedding. Although this will depend on the circumstance of the couple getting married. For example, in a traditional Western wedding, the father is likely to give the bride away. In contrast, the mother of the bride will be expected to dress for the occasion and provide emotional support behind the scenes.

Also, in many weddings of this type, parents are often expected to pay for some celebrations. Gifts are also given to the parents as a thank you for their economic and emotional support. Such items often have a sentimental significance and act as a keepsake of the day as well.

However, it is crucial to remember that you don’t have to keep this tradition if you don’t want to. Indeed, many couples now pay for their own weddings. However, those with positive relationships with their parents will usually want them involved in the day in some capacity.

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