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A new outfit, a wedding gift, travel, time off work and hotel stay are just a few of the things your wedding guests may have had to arrange to come to your wedding. Especially when you’re getting married abroad! And while of course people are happy to do this to celebrate with you, it’s nice to show your appreciation. Here are just a few of the ways you can thank guests for attending your wedding.


Provide Free Drinks

Depending on your venue, you may be able to provide your own drinks. This will work out much cheaper than offering a free bar, and allows your guests to save money too. You could set up a ‘cocktail station’ with either a range of spirits and mixers for guests to create their own drinks. Or get some large glass drinks dispensers and pre-mix various cocktails that your guests can help themselves to. Don’t forget bottles of wine or champagne on the tables for the toasts.


Leave a Handwritten Note in Each Napkin

At each guest’s place, you could leave a short handwritten note rolled up with their napkin. You could remind them of your best memory together or tell them how special they are. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Just a few words expressing your fondness is enough to add a really nice touch to the day and makes it extra personal.


Leave Thoughtful Favours

Leaving thoughtful wedding favors at your guest’s place is another nice way to show your appreciation. What you decide on will all depend on your budget and what the guest likes, spend some time looking into different ideas. You can buy favor boxes cheaply on places like eBay and put them together yourself. For guests you don’t know very well or aren’t sure about, go with something like confectionery which will always go down a treat. It could be anything from traditional sugared almonds to fancy French macarons or anything else you think would be suitable.


Send Thank You Cards

After the big event is over, you should aim to send thank you cards within a couple of months. Show your gratitude for gifts and thank them by popping a sweet, handwritten card in the post. You could go with the same theme as your wedding stationery or just choose a design you love. Sleepymoon thank you cards are just one example of the huge variety out there. While this is good practice for all weddings, if you’ve traveled to a destination and guests have come along it’s especially important to thank them for making such an effort.


Thank You Cards - Weddings Abroad


It doesn’t take much to thank guests for attending your wedding. But these small tokens of appreciation go a long way. Part of the magic of getting married is having your friends and family to witness and celebrate with you, so make sure they know that you’re grateful for their company!


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