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Dresses designed with your destination in mind....

For many, the wedding dress has been an ongoing dream since childhood…  Imagining the flowing folds of finest fabric, soft as silk on skin, admiring glances from all sides, whilst your stage beckons, your moment has arrived…..

Many believe wedding dresses for overseas should be lightweight fabrics and knee-length skirts.  These may well work for simple ceremonies and barefoot weddings on the beach, whilst sleek, full length styles are thought more ideal for formal weddings away from home.   Today’s brides are breaking the rules and choosing chic and sophisticated dresses for their glamorous nuptials.


Dresses designed with your destination in mind....


This is one of the rare times when your imagination can run riot…the wedding dress for your destination wedding can be as unique, simple, elegant or elaborate as your chosen wedding location.  The perfect gown should be a compliment to the bride’s style, attitude and spirit.

London wedding dress designer Angelina Colarusso bride is sure to be the centre of attention. Opulent and timeless, with contemporary styling made with only the finest materials – think of delicate tulle and sensual silk – with the best handcrafted workmanship in the UK.


Some practical tips from our expert to consider when choosing your gown:

When & where?
Is it a garden, beach or church wedding?  If your wedding is outdoors consider what is most practical for your location. A long cathedral train won’t work on a beach but a small swish of a train is a good choice for outdoor brides who want a touch of glamour without too much fabric trailing the ground.

Shape to suit?
Find a gown that you will feel comfortable in. Nothing is worse than constantly pulling up your dress or fidgeting with your gown because you’re worried that you are showing too much cleavage. When you put your gown on you shouldn’t have to think about it until it is time to take it off again. Make sure you can move comfortably and that you will be able to dance that all important first dance.

Consider natural fibres such as silk, lightweight linens, cotton and delicate wools, contrary to popular belief, wool is one of the coolest fibres to wear in the heat and is often used fabric for men’s suits in hot climates. Natural fibres will breathe and allow moisture to pass through, rather than trapping moisture close against your body. Be careful when choosing a gown that you check the content of the lining too. There is no point in having a beautiful silk gown with a polyester lining! On this important day you want to feel luxurious – not hot, sticky and stressed.

Work out your budget before you begin your search for your dream gown.  You will save a lot of time and heartache if you happen to fall in love with a gown that is outside your price range.

Prepared to be flexible:
It is one of the most important garments that you will ever buy. When you begin your search be open to options that you may not have previously considered. If you take an open-minded approach you will have a fun, amazing and memorable ‘wedding gown experience’ rather than a stressful one.


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