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Slovenia is a little country located in the pure heart of Europe. Nestled between Adriatic Sea on the South West, high mountains on the North West, an endless Pannonian plain on the East and wine hills on the South gathered diverse landscapes on a small area. Different climates and landscapes results in a great selection of food, wine, and open and friendly people everywhere you go. 

If you are looking for something special, intimate and cosy and you like nature, you won’t be disappointed. Green forests, crystal blue water and blue sky will absolutely charm you.

Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination



If you decide to spend some more time in Slovenia (before or after the wedding), you will have something to do. There is a plenty options to do different sports activities, discovering the country or just hiking around and enjoy in good food and wine. If you are more “city” person you can visit capital Ljubljana, where you can do some shopping, climb to the castle or just sit in the bar by the river and enjoy the city. You can also visit one of romantic seaside towns and enjoy the sea set. 


Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination



The country is easy to reach from anywhere in Europe. National airport is located closed to the capital city – Ljubljana. Also Venice airport in Italy is only 3 hour drive away. There is a shuttle bus from national airport Ljubljana to Ljubljana city available. There is also an option to take a taxi to drive you anywhere you like. In case that you would like to explore the country a bit more I would suggest to take a rent a car. With your own car you will be freer and you could easily reach even a bit more distant places. 



Lake Bled is one of the most romantic places you can imagine. 

Cosy gothic church on the tiny little island in the middle of the lake and medieval castle on the mighty rock above the lake couldn’t be more attractive wedding locations. 


Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination



Traditional boat called “pletna” will take you to the island, where you can have a religious wedding (catholic or protestant). 


Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination
Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination


From the pier on the island to the top leads 99 steps. By our tradition the groom should carry his bride up to all this steps. But that is not a must. It will be also good if you just walk. 


Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination
Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination


In case that you are not particularly religious, you can go to the island anyway and ring the wish bell in the church. If you do it right, your wish will come true. 


Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination


Horse carriage will take the bride and groom around the lake to the castle. Civil (legal) or symbolic wedding ceremony can take place on the upper terrace, with magnificent view to the lake. 


Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination
Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination
Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination
Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination
Slovenia Dream Wedding Destination



For civil (legal) wedding certain documentation need to be arranged. In general you need to provide certified copy of your Birth certificate, No impediment of marriage certificate and Single status certificate. The documentation can differ from country of origin. To arrange all the paper work you don’t need to come to Slovenia before. Everything can be arranged by your wedding planner. It is highly recommend to have one. With local professionals all the details will be agreed with local service provides. All you need to do is to be relax and enjoy your day. 



Lake Bled is only 30 km away from national airport Ljubljana and 250 km from Venice, Italy. There is many different options how to travel. From public transport, private taxi, Go opti or rent a car. In case that you will travel together with your wedding guests the wedding planner can arrange private transport for all group. 

Arriving to the destination a couple of days before the wedding is highly recommended. In that time you can relax, get to know the area, wait for your guests to arrive, having welcome dinner with them a day or two before the big day, get rest and simply enjoy. 


This informative blog post was kindly written by Melita Pretnar Kofol from Dream Wedding Slovenia

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