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Wedding photography planning has evolved over the years, with the drastic change in camera technology as well as new trends in lighting and framing. Themes rule the ceremonies as every couple wants their wedding to be memorable in more ways than one. Couples also prefer efficient and creative wedding photography in the UK, including pre-wedding photo shoots and stills. Here are some tips for being a famous professional wedding photographer in the UK


Tip 1: Opt for natural light and glow during golden hours

Check out the location and light with respect to time of the day the wedding is going to be held. Check out the lighting gear that you would need for adapting to the same light during the wedding.  If you can manage shooting during the “golden hours,” try solo shots of the bride with the sun in the background. The natural glow on the veil and dress will help you take outstanding pictures.


Tip 2: Bring a step stool for shoot

A step stool with 3 steps can add a dimension and an angle to group photos that will add some amount of creativity to the pictures throughout the day. Also, it gives a different perspective rather than the ground level when the crowd is around the couple.


Tip 3: Ask for references after the shoot

After you deliver photos to the bride, ask for recommendations after a satisfactory schedule. Let the bride and bridegroom refer you to their friends and family, once you satisfy their needs.


Tip 4: Take fun and casual photos too!

Take fun and casual photos too with a touch of humour with perspective. The angles need to be smart but not offensive in its tone. Such pictures will always stick in the memory. You can even propose some funny styles to the bride and the bridegroom, let them climb trees and get them to make some natural yet funny spaces.


Tip 5: Look around for unique angles

Try to take shots from different angles. You can even go to the top of the terrace and take a sky-view of the party.  Even mingle with the others during dances, so you get some happening pictures right from the centre of attention. A good perspective and angle can land you with some of the best photos of the night.


Tip 6: Take some time out to relax

Allow yourself some moments to relax when others are eating snacks. Assess your photos on your camera and delete the worst ones from the memory card. This will free up your memory card too.


Tip 7:  Be spontaneous

Preparation and organization are keys to good wedding photography. But it is also important to be prepared when a great shot presents itself. Be spontaneous in identifying such shots and seize the opportunities as and when new ideas come to your mind.


Tip 8: Come early to the shoot for preparation

Show up early to the event so that you can take shots of the venue and plan your angles accordingly. Share the pictures with the venue owner and you might land some referrals!


Tip 9: Have a contract in place

Things can go out of hand during wedding photography.  Have a good contract in place so that the couple can clarify any expectations as to the shoot as well as the pricing.


Tip 10: Get up close during the ceremony

During the ceremony, take a position that gets you near to the couple and thus ensures you have the best click in the house, whether it is the kiss, the exchange of rings, etc. Also, do a couple photo shoot just before the reception so that you can land the best photos of the married couple.


Tip 11: Sticky tape saves the day

Use sticky tape to give the clothes a better, tailored look. The attire sometimes goes beneath the feet that will also ruin the pictures in varied frames. The rental suits usually have the same problem.


Tip 12: Don’t miss the details

The pictures of each of the details are important. Be near to the couple when the ceremony is going on so that you get the best picture of her dress and the bridegroom’s suit. A picture of the cake topper, the earrings, the necklaces etc. can each be taken for highlighting the details. Brides love such photos since the details are highlighted through every frame.


Tip 13: Get out of the way

Wedding couples prefer a wedding photographer in the UK who is cheerful and amiable, but also knows when to get out of the picture.  Their photography should add to the fun part of the wedding, and become invisible especially during the ceremony. One can have a longer lens for these candid moments and the couple can be as natural as possible during such moments.


Tip 14: Don’t miss the couple and their siblings

Every wedding has siblings that the couple has spent their treasured moments with, throughout their lives. They would love the best pictures of each of them during their life’s most precious occasion.


Tip 15: Change lenses for changed expressions

If you notice the bride and groom relaxing and interact with each other, take the opportunity to click some candid photos. Switch to a longer zoom lens (like 200mm) so that you can get out of the picture.  The natural camaraderie makes for great pictures and you can get great moments etched in the wedding album.



Hiring a professional wedding photographer is crucial to get the choicest pictures of your wedding. The above wedding photography tips will help any budding wedding photographer in the UK to make a mark, while it is all up to their skill and creativity to enhance their reputation with every wedding shoot, for which they are hired.



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