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Worldwide Wedding Planner -

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Worldwide Wedding Planner - Weddings Abroad


Worldwide Wedding Planner

Since the beginning of way back in 1999, we have received hundreds of thousands of emails and requests for wedding planning advice from across the world. Lots of emails are from people wanting to work with us or those considering event planning as their future career. The majority though are from brides and grooms to be interested in the day to day running of our business and how we can help them “pull the whole thing” together!

We have become the premier online resource, for couples considering marriage or vow renewals outside their native country. A wedding day or a vow renewal ceremony is truly a personal occasion, with all aspects of the celebration specifically tailored to the couple’s lifestyles and personalities… you can dream it… can create it!

Therefore, I have decided to create this simple journal in order to give more details about our customers, our partners, and explain week by week how we work and more importantly think. We have only one unique goal: to completely satisfy our clients


Worldwide Wedding Planner - Karen Thornton-Brown - International Wedding Planner - Destination Wedding -


Over the years, we have organised weddings for clients from the UK and Europe, the US and even India and Australia. We also use our experience and skills to arrange, corporate or private events around the world.

Now you can create the wedding of your dreams independently using or “hand-picked” venue & supplier directory.  We have selected our preferred and recommended venues and suppliers throughout the world, those especially used to dealing with couples who live away from their chosen place of marriage.  This site is not about quantity of listings, but more the quality and standard of those whom we choose to share with our couples.

This journal is a way to explain my job and give you an insight into the exciting world of weddings abroad. So bookmark this blog and keep coming back to visit me and please say Hi….

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