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Wedding Trends for 2017


Wedding Trends 2017 From International Wedding Planner Karen Thornton-Brown


As we enter the dawn of 2017, the wedding scene is bursting with fresh new ideas that brides and grooms-to-be can get excited about!  Lets face it, a lot of work goes into making the perfect wedding – from the choice of destination and venue, to the brides all important gown,  to the wedding decor, to the groom and usher outfits, to the colour scheme, to the icing on the cake…and the list goes on.

So here are a few of our thoughts on what we think are the latest wedding trends for 2017.


Wedding Destinations

Italy remains one of our undisputed favourites for couples choosing to marry away from home.  The breathtaking landscapes of the medieval villages throughout the Tuscan countryside captivate couples imagination long before their arrival.  Some of our clients favourite wedding destinations include Castellina in Chianti, Siena and the enchanting Florence.

Wedding Trends 2017 From International Wedding Planner Karen Thornton-Brown


It’s not just about the beach anymore! Unless the bride and groom want to have their toes tickled by the sand when they exchange vows, there are so many options for weddings away from home. The trend for underwater weddings is relatively new, and is becoming more popular, especially as avid scuba divers see a way to celebrate their love for their hobby and each other.  Or get married at one of the modern wonders of the world, The Sydney Opera House set on one of the most beautiful blankets of water on Earth – Sydney Harbour!


Weddings Abroad - Sydney Opera House Wedding


Imagine getting married on the sumptuous upper deck of a yacht in Paris mid morning, enjoy a leisurely brunch whilst cruising along the Seine,  before docking and heading to dinner and dancing at a different reception space. Combining unique ceremony locations with cocktail hour, then travelling onwards to the reception is an emerging trend for 2017.


Wedding Trends 2017 From International Wedding Planner Karen Thornton-Brown



Symbolic Wedding Ceremonies

When a couple are planning a wedding overseas there are so many destinations to choose from, however, imagine if there were twice as many places to research!  Choose a symbolic wedding ceremony and there will be…

An increasing trend for 2017 is for couples to choose to sign their ‘legal’ paperwork at home and register their legal marriage before they fly, and this opens up the options to far more destinations around the globe….


Wedding Dresses

“When it comes to the dress, this year’s top trend will be for the detachable train – Dramatic glamour giving way to simple elegance creating a two-in-one look that is sleek and sophisticated.”

The previous few years have seen the short dress gain popularity as well as the romantic floor length dress. This latter style is still very much the popular choice with soft flowing fabrics, ruffled hems, silk waist sashes, and delicate floral details. Crystals are still in vogue as they are timeless and oh so elegant.

Many designers have included a few ball gown styles in their lines this season. Strapless gowns are perennial favourites, but this year will more sheer fabrics, lace overlays, illusion bodices and mermaid skirts.


Wedding Décor

“Move away from the chintzy vintage décor…2017 is all about the metallic (think copper!) & white contemporary décor.  Compliment industrial elements with super-sleek, lustrous and modern metal finishes”

Brides are choosing centrepieces that are in the same colour tones, but of differing sizes. Giving the reception tables a more interesting look and a less “synchronised” feel. Unique fillers in vases and vessels include glass marbles,  shells, acrylic ice, water absorbing crystals/beads and fresh fruit such as oranges, lemons and limes.

Faux rose petals and diamond crystals remain the most popular confetti. Also, flowering vines or individually cut flowers are laid directly onto table linens. Reception chairs are decorated with either brocade, tulle, organza fabric overlays, lace swags, tartan sashes, diamanté embellishments, sprigs of heather and/or ribbons. Chiavari chairs, usually in limewash remaining the mainstay of the wedding hire industry.

Candles are always a popular choice for centerpieces, lending a romantic feel to any room. Choices include single metallic candlesticks, elaborate candelabras, pillars, tea lights and floaters.

These days, head tables are often replaced with a small table for just the bride and groom.


Wedding Trends 2017 From International Wedding Planner Karen Thornton-Brown



They say go green, so Pantone are trying to get us to follow the trend this year. The self-acclaimed “global colour authority” have announced it’s colour of the year for 2017: Greenery, a vibrant hue that is certainly a few steps up from last year’s winners, Rose Quartz and Serenity. According to Pantone, “Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.”  A life-affirming shade, Greenery is also emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality. A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. Perfect to incorporate into your wedding…


Wedding Trends 2017 From International Wedding Planner Karen Thornton-Brown


Wedding cakes

Food and drink is something that I predict will be an increasing area of focus for couples during the planning process.These days, the wedding cake doesn’t have to be the traditional marzipan covered cake. “Geode Wedding Cakes were a worldwide trend last year, and continue to be so and it’s not surprising when you see how intricate they can be. Made from a combination of granulated sugar and rock candy. The effect is simply stunning and it’s easy to see why it is becoming a popular centrepiece of choice for wedding cakes.”


Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are classic – hand-tied, where the flowers are gathered together and the stems are wrapped in wide hessian or satin ribbon. Brides wanting more glamorous bouquets choose to add beads,  pearls and crystals adornments to the bouquet. At the other end of the spectrum, brides are also going for more natural, rustic looks for their bouquet, adding decorative natural elements like feathers and pinecones.

The rose, the timeless classic, continues to be the most admired and graceful bouquet flower. Lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips and orchids represent the trendier choices of today . Arrangements with that just-picked and more loose casual style have replaced the more tightly-bound bouquet shapes of season gone by. The favourite colour choices are still the vivid ones.

Everyone’s an epicurean nowadays, so it’s no surprise that decadent couples are asking floral designers to include elements like coffee beans and fragrant herbs (basil, mint, thyme) into their centerpieces, arrangements and garlands.  Delicate fruits and vegetables are another way to layer on color.


Wedding Trends 2017 From International Wedding Planner Karen Thornton-Brown


Smaller bridal parties

Couples are opting for one maid of honor and one best man in total.  No entourage, yet still involving close friends.


Wedding Weekend

Even if your chosen location seems more familiar than faraway, creative hospitality will make the wedding an endlessly fascinating trip.  A very popular trend that still continues is the weekend wedding – usually starting on a Friday afternoon with a Welcome party, flowing through to the main event on the Saturday, with the festivities ending at a Farewell Brunch on the Sunday . This trend has been enjoyed for many years by those having their wedding abroad.



Wedding cam discreetly hidden in the bride’s bouquet and an expertly operated drone


So there you have it – our compilation of top trends for 2017.

The above quotes are brought to you by International Wedding Planner and Destination Wedding Expert Karen Thornton-Brown of 


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