5 Money Saving Tips on Wedding Flowers

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Wedding Flowers - Money Saving Tips - WeddingsAbroad.com

Table of Contents

Wedding Flowers - Money Saving Tips - WeddingsAbroad.com


It is no secret that wedding flowers constitute almost one third of your wedding budget. Even if you are planning on a small ceremony, there are few things that you just cannot skip. The décor itself takes a huge portion of it (not to mention the huge list of flower accessories!)

You might have a picture made up in your mind about how your wedding would be but now you are having troubles with the high costs associated with it. It is completely okay if you are unwilling to compromise despite having a minimalistic budget. It’s your wedding and you deserve to pamper yourself and your partner.

The good news is wedding flowers have plenty of options for you to choose from and there are various cost cutting tricks that you can follow.


Use multi-purpose wedding flowers

Wedding flowers will be required for various purposes. Bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, centerpieces and so much more requires wedding flowers. What you can do is, use each bouquet for substitute purposes as well to cut down costs.

To make things even simpler for you, you can go for whole blossoms rather than buying individual flowers. A few techniques would be quite helpful in this regard.

For example, the bouquets for bridesmaids are required only during the first part of the ceremony. For the second part where your guests enjoy meals, you can actually use those bouquets as part of the centerpiece. All you need is proper timing and a good management team in your wedding to do the job for you. We wouldn’t ask you to give away your bridal bouquets for the décor as the bouquet would be very close to your heart.


Wedding Flowers - Money Saving Tips - WeddingsAbroad.com


Keep it simple and easy

When it comes to wedding décor, presentation is the key. You need to be well aware about how you can utilize the minimum resources available to build something meaningful. It is always better to go something simple and easy. Know that simple does not mean a shabby look rather there’s more elegance when you bring beauty with simplicity.

Stick to two or three types of flowers only. Keeping too many kinds of flowers would become difficult to handle and your budget will increase as well. You can buy flowers in a bulk at a wholesale rate. It is cheaper to get whole blossoms rather than getting individual flowers.


Go for seasonal and cost friendly flowers

You must have heard this several times from your florist that seasonal flower is the best way to go. That is due to their easy availability. Don’t worry if you don’t like the flowers on the season when your wedding is. If you think your wedding season doesn’t have good variety of flowers, you’re definitely wrong! A chart with flowers season-wise would help better understand which varieties to pick.


Summer Winter Fall Spring
Ageratum Amaryllis Chrysanthemum Andromeda
Allium Anemone Cosmos Clematis
Asiatic Lily       Calla Lily Cymbidium orchid      Daffodil
Camellia Dendrobrium orchid      Dusty Miller Freesia
Carnation Eucalyptus Garden rose Hyacinth
Magnolia Holly Gerbera Daisy Lilac
Marigold Hellebores Jasmine Magnolia
Poppy Jasmine Lily Rose
Zinnia Veronica Snapdragon Snowberry


Take things to your own hands

Wedding planning is new to you and definitely you would require help. But there are few things that you can always do on your own. Do those with your partner to make things special for you two. DIY wedding flowers can be one of the options. Keep in mind that you don’t have to make everything on your own.

For example- You can take help from your floral designer while making the centerpieces since the quantity is large. But for things like bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, you and some of your friends together can finish the task on your own.

If you buy whole blossom instead of separate flowers, consider half the work of your bouquet is done. For decors as well, simply put few colorful ribbons instead of fancy flowers if your budget is running out.


Wedding Flowers - Money Saving Tips - WeddingsAbroad.com


Look for creative alternatives

Whatever colors you pick for décor, you will find plenty of options. Good thing is we can find everything online nowadays and you get time to research. Go for non-floral options in some aspects. Use your imagination and play with greenery, feathers, ribbons, fancy papers to use as substitute for flowers. Paper flowers can be something interesting and unique for your wedding.


Hope these tips help you save some extra cash that you can use for your honeymoon or something that you and your partner were looking forward to buy.


Wedding Flowers - Money Saving Tips - WeddingsAbroad.com

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