4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Extra Beautiful

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Wedding Day Extra Beautiful - WeddingsAbroad.com

Table of Contents

Wedding Day Extra Beautiful - WeddingsAbroad.com

The Australian wedding industry is now a $2 billion a year business with about 116,000 weddings taking place. Many, even the most calming of women, experience at least moments of being bridezillas. With the average wedding now costing over $65,000, it is no wonder that couples lose their minds trying to make the day perfect to be engraved in the memories of themselves and their loved ones for years to come.

If you are currently betrothed and dealing with the wedding planning chaos, here are some ideas and advice to ensure your wedding day is worth the amount of sweat and tears poured into orchestrating it.

#1. Fitting into your dream dress

The dress you wear could be representative of the theme of the wedding (and your marriage even!) and most women had an idea of what their dream dress would look like since they were teenagers. For better or worse, brides will want to look the best they’ve ever looked when they stand on the altar, facing their future partner for life. Some women go as far as fattening up their bridesmaids so they would look skinnier compared to them in the photos.

The weight loss cramming is so real for almost all brides and even some grooms. One of the leading plastic and liposuction surgeon in Australia, Cosmo Clinic’s Dr. Mitchell Kim, underwent a vaser high-def surgery after seeing amazing results in his patients. “I decided then and there that I wanted this too,” he explained, “Especially with my wedding coming up, it was a perfect time and reason to get the body that I always wanted.”

Wedding Day Extra Beautiful - WeddingsAbroad.com

If you are struggling and stressing over your body image, do not let that continue into your wedding day. You would be a beautiful bride regardless of your weight; however, if it’s causing dark clouds to hang over one of the most exciting milestones in your life, take a swift action to eliminate them by exploring various lipo and body sculpting sessions many women globally take advantage of.

#2. Capturing your momentos in a time-capsule

Your wedding day will go by so fast that you will be lucky if you get to eat your own cake. Professional photographers will capture the scrapbook-worthy moments but you can also ask your guests to capture the memories from the wedding for a more personalised collection. For instance, have the guests take pictures at a photobooth or even just with polaroid cameras and place them in your time capsule along with fun/cute inscriptions about the couple (their funniest memory maybe). There are so many different ways you can create a time-capsule – imagine what it’ll be like to open it up in 5 to 10 years to see how much you have changed (or not) since your wedding day!

The celebration of your love and commitment means a lot to people who have been there for you – let them express and share their memories in a meaningful way!

#3. Showing the essence of who you are as a couple

If you don’t want a cookie cutter wedding, be sure to add an item on the wedding itinerary where you and your partner-to-be can showcase what makes your relationship special. Do you guys love dancing? Include a dance performance that would be memorable and that your friends and family would appreciate.

Do you guys love Harry Potter? Have a little magic show during the ceremony where you turn into a witch and wizard with special powers.

Are you a competitive couple? Include a game where you can team up to have a friendly competition.

Many couples make the mistake of getting too caught up in the table setup, flowers, and other aesthetics that they forget that this day is supposed to signify why you have decided to make a lifelong commitment to each other. Don’t forget to make this day about you.

Wedding Day Extra Beautiful - WeddingsAbroad.com

#4. Celebrating with just your partner post reception

While your wedding day is about making your vows in front of witnesses and celebrating your bond with people you love, make sure that you also have a plan for how you and your partner wish to end the day/night.

Have a special plan for how you two would want to spend the first night as the married couple. This way, regardless of the stress and drama of the wedding, you will have beautiful memories of the start of your chapter together.

Exchange small gifts or private vows. Plan a sexy game. Have a romantic dance on the balcony under the moonlight. You and your partner will cherish this moment together for a long time to come!

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