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While sipping a hot cappuccino in Piazza Navona, Rome, I received a phone call from Becky and Adam, asking if I was available to be their wedding planner on the 1st of June 2021. They were thinking of organising their special day on the beautiful Island Malta, flying in from England. Checking my diary, I confirmed the date availability and after a few virtual calls, the couple expressed their wish of hosting their wedding at the beautiful baroque and historic Villa Bologna.


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Booking the venue and signing the contract was done within a couple of days. Immediately, I provided them with a list of suppliers and all the planning was done together. We designed the flower creations, fairy lights, discussed photography and even set a date for the lovely couple to visit Malta so that they could visit the venue and book the food tasting. Alas! The Pandemic hit, which made travelling impossible due to restrictions in place. With no other option, Adam and Becky decided to postpone their wedding to the 1st June 2022. Luckily, the date was available and all the suppliers were rebooked within one day, making it less stressful for the couple.


Expert Malta Wedding Planner Destination Weddings Malta


Finally, May 2022 arrived. The couple arrived in Malta two days before the wedding and together we went to the Public Registry to introduce the couple the registrar and check that all of the paperwork was in place.

The 1st of June 2022 was a beautiful sunny day, Adam and Becky were finally getting married in one of the most beautiful venues in Malta! Together with my Jewelweddings team, I went to the venue to oversee the planned set-up, check the food, and ensure that all suppliers were there on time. Meanwhile, the bride and groom spent the morning relaxing and getting ready for their big day.



The transport for the guests was booked for 3.00 pm since the ceremony was set to start at 4.00 pm. The Adam seemed so happy, his face shining with pride when he saw his beautiful Becky coming up the long aisle in a mesmerising dress and unique bouquet. The ceremony over, the guests showered the couple with confetti and everyone was treated to Prosecco and a free flowing international bar, while soft jazz music played in the background. Mr and Mrs at long last, after all this time of planning and waiting for their special day!

Around 6.00 pm, everyone sat for the lovely meal, consisting of a decadent buffet, served singly to guests on their assigned tables. You could see the delight on the guests’ faces as they viewed the wide selection of food available.



As it grew darker, the fairy lights twinkled, giving the venue more of a magical setting as the baroque stained glass shone brighter. Cutting the three-tier cake was such a joyful moment as confetti showered the couple, while the live band played in the background, happy, joyful music that the couple chose themselves. To everyone’s delight, the couple chose to set up an Amaretto and Cigar bar, which opened right after the cake was cut, and dancing ensured. It definitely seemed like everyone was having an absolute blast as guests sang loudly, ordered drinks and danced the night away.

Oh, it was so beautiful seeing everyone enjoy themselves and having a good time! The guests came over from so many different places, and it was so nice to see them all mingle together after such a tough period.

Expert Malta Wedding Planner Destination Weddings Malta


Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. All sixty guests left the wedding happily, joyful and looking forward to continuing the celebration on one of Malta’s many beautiful beaches.

After my team and I made sure that the venue was fully packed and all belongings dispatched, I went home, happy to have witness yet another beautiful wedding. The cherry on the cake was definitely the message I received the next morning, “Thank you so much for helping us plan our special day! Xx”


That was enough to make me happy as my passion for weddings never wavers! xxx


Much love,


Founder of Jewelweddings Malta







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