In a social whirl!

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Not updated my journal as much as I should have lately, but I’ve been having a busy old time! Go on admit it…you’ve been checking for any exciting updates!

Firstly we had the school Easter holidays here and my eldest two children needed some “mummy time”…which was fun, even though it rained almost every day! My baby Theodore, has been poorly and had to go to hospital…thankfully he is now fully recovered. My beautiful daughter Georgina, also turned 7, her party was a hoot when Mummy managed to set the cake on fire! I now have more Hannah Montana and High School Musical 2 paraphernalia than the Disney Store! Any applicants for the position of full time housekeeper please apply here!

My niece and her friend arrived from Australia to begin their new life in the UK, so been settling them into local life, and introducing them to the social scene…well someone has to do it….not sure I am still fit enough to keep up with these 22 year old’s and stay out til 4am too often! What fun we have had though….we attended a charity event for the Teenage Cancer Trust, organised by Music Means Life which was a fantastic ensemble of young talented singers, all battling out for the winning title and a recording contract.

Then my dearest friend Jacqui, invited me, my husband and my now “older daughter’s” (when did I become a mother of 5…yikes I’m far too young!) to a charity golf event organised by MillerDirect for the Youth Ministry Team which was an amazing night…even better that my fantastic husband managed to get tickets for the final of Britain’s Got Talent with the fabulous Ant & Dec, who were also present on the night.

I promise you, amidst this social whirl, I have been planning lots of weddings and working on many exciting new projects for – thankfully I am very lucky to have a new right-hand woman at the helm! Paula has recently joined us and has been getting to grips with our hectic office and my even busier diary!

We have some new beautiful, wedding destinations just added, to Gran Canaria and several new locations ready to go on in the coming weeks. Keep checking out our site…if you are a bride or groom and we don’t yet offer your destination of choice, drop us an email and we can always help! With us what you see isn’t always what you get! If we can’t help we always know someone who can.

Likewise if you are a wedding planner or a wedding venue, anywhere in the world, that would like to be considered for inclusion on, please email me for further information on our criteria

Dare I say I’m off to yet another Ball tonight……

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