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Sitting at the table of a charity ball on Friday evening, all lady guests were given a beautifully packaged black gift box.  As there were 5 ladies on our table we spent quite some time trying to work out what this stunning gift was!  After opening the organza bag in which the box was held, we opened the boxes to reveal what appeared to me to be a bangle with a mirror on to put on one’s lipgloss…vain moi?  We did have a giggle, and came home non the wiser and too embarrassed to ask our kind hosts.

After the Paracetamol and Milk Thistle took effect on Saturday morning, I again braved the box, thinking the answer would be staring me in the face…but no! Anyway a clue was to be had in the form of a web address…logged on and voila!!!  I now know what it is….and what a fantastic gift it is. Do you want me to tell you?

Well, it is indeed a purse hanger, or handbag hook depending on where you are from. What a great invention, I shall have to test it out to see if it will hold the enormous bags I have taken to carrying since having three kids!

These folding purse hooks are a beautiful combination of fashion and function. They work on gravity to easily hang any bag under a table for your convenience, security and to keep it off a dirty floor. Folding hooks are the most compact. Measuring just a few inches across, they perfectly in small handbags. Folding purse hooks are also known as fold-up purse holders, folding purse hangers, purse caddy’s, fold-up handbag hooks, folding handbag hangers, and handbag caddy’s.

I shall certainly consider recommending these to my clients as an unusual favour for lady guests. Round Foldable Purse Handbag Hanger Hook Holder – Clear


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