Four Fab Favour Ideas for Your Wedding

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Favour Ideas Weddings -

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Four Fab Favour Ideas for Your Wedding


Favour Ideas for Weddings -


Choosing your wedding favours can be really exciting. It’s your chance to say thank you to all your lovely family and friends for celebrating your special day and an opportunity to put your own unique stamp on the day. Favours can be anything from gorgeous flowers to mini chocolates, bath bombs or cupcakes, with these unique favour ideas you’ll be able to really impress your guests no matter what your budget is:


Add a continental touch to your special day with some delicious macaroons. If you’re wanting to splash out why not treat your guests to the original and best French macaroons courtesy of Laudree, available in a number of beautiful pastel colours to perfectly complement your colour scheme.

Mini Alcohol Bottles

All of your guests over the age of 18 will thank you for this one, mini bottles of alcohol with a little message from the happy couple written on the side. At Just Miniatures you’ll be able to find an extensive selection of different miniature alcohol bottles and be able to personalise a message to thank your guests for celebrating your special day together. With mini alcohol bottles guests can either keep them as a keepsake as a memory of your day or enjoy them at the celebrations, so they make a great gift all round.


Favour Ideas Weddings -


Hangover Care Kits

This is a great idea that if you know your friends will have a heavy night at the wedding, they’ll really appreciate. Making up a little hangover repair kit in small green bags is a cute idea that will be sure to make your guests giggle. Include all the essentials from paracetamols to a Berocca, a packet of chewing gum, an ice pop and a bottle of water. They’ll be sure to appreciate it the next morning.

Seed Bags

Giving your guests a canvas bag of seeds with an embroidery message on is a great favour idea for those couples who love getting crafty.  Guests can then can grow their own beautiful flowers as a memory of your wedding is a great alternative to the usual chocolates and sweets that people tend to give as favours at their wedding. This is an alternative favour idea that will go down really well with green fingered family and friends who will be reminded of your special day once again in the future when the flowers have bloomed.

With these unique favour ideas all easy to create and suitable for whatever budget you might have, try them out for your wedding as an alternative to the generic favours that your guests are expecting.


Favour Ideas Weddings -



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