Create That Fairy Tale Wedding

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Fairy Tale Wedding -

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Fairy Tale Wedding -


Everyone has a dream of what they’d like their wedding day to be like. One of the most stereotypical weddings is on a beach, somewhere warm, with white sand between their toes. The movie scenes that have painted this picture in our heads have created what some people think is an unrealistic dream. But is it really that hard to achieve? It is a known fact the weddings abroad are a lot cheaper than those of a traditional church wedding. The only downside being you won’t be able to bring as many friends or family as you would have liked to. But let’s put that to one side, and focus on the positives of a fairy tale beach wedding.


The Location

Now, when you think of a fairy tale wedding on a beach, your mind might jump to the white sands of the Maldives, or long stretches of beach in Hawaii. These are both perfect locations and really would be a dream come true. But are they practical? Not really. Both are very expensive for just a holiday, let alone trying to get a wedding convoy to them. There are plenty of other smaller locations that’ll blow you and your guests away. Take Rabbit beach in Italy for example. The location is smaller, the holiday on a whole will be cheaper, and the hotels there do a range of different wedding packages. They’ll provide the food, the location, the accommodation, and you’ll be able to have it on the beach front in the sun. A dream wedding made much cheaper.


The Attire

If you’re having the wedding in the heat of summer, on a beach, with the sea breeze blowing your hair all over the shop, you’re going to need to think a little more practical. A big puffy dress just isn’t going to be comfortable for a ceremony that’s going to last a few hours. Think smallers and more airy. One that flows behind you is still fine, but try and keep the material a bit thinner, and all round less bulky. As for your hair and makeup, you need something robust enough to withstand the potential sea breeze. An updo will be perfect for keeping it out your face. Just make sure you select a trusted hairdresser that’ll be able to keep it up all day.


Fairy Tale Wedding -


The Accessories

To save a bit of money, it might be worth bringing all your accessories over with you. You can bulk buy everything you need on the internet. For example, Giftsin24 personalized wedding napkins are perfect for keeping that homely touch to your wedding. It might be easier to have the cake made over in your chosen country. Trying to transport a wedding cake on an aeroplane is just a recipe of disaster. However, all other accessories should be pretty easy to transport.


Having a wedding abroad is a lot cheaper, and more practical than you’d first imagine. If you’re looking to have your dream wedding on the beach, then hopefully this post has made it seem more realistic.


Fairy Tale Wedding -


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