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DIY Weddings Are The Way To Go Weddings Abroad Destination Weddings Worldwide


In the modern age, it’s easy to get a planner to organize your wedding for you, and it’s easy to get professionals to handle every aspect of your wedding. You can hire a professional DJ, professional caterers, and professional interior designers to help spruce up the aesthetic or overall theme of your wedding. If you have money then you can let go of the reigns and let somebody else take over for you.

But, whether you have money to spare on a big budget or not, why would you want to let a wedding planner take the reigns? Obviously, you can’t do everything on your big day; you want to relax. But you should at least give yourself the privilege of planning your wedding by yourself. It should be your vision if you really want to enjoy the day. DIY weddings are the way to go, so here’s how to craft your own from the ground up.


Make a list of what you want.

You can’t plunge into sorting out things for your wedding without making a list of what you want first. You likely have some sort of budget limit, and you don’t want to face the disappointment of being unable to afford everything you want if you don’t carefully plan out all the aspects of your wedding first. You need some idea of how much each individual thing will cost so that you can switch up aspects of your plan if you go over budget.

This is where the DIY aspect of your wedding comes into play – the more you can “do by yourself”, the more money you’ll save for the more expensive aspects of your wedding. You might want to head over to if you’re looking for beautiful wedding rings for the big day. Obviously, planning out expenses such as the dress and the venue are things that you need to think about first. These are the priority expenditures.


Get creative with the location.

Maybe you want a traditional wedding in a church or some other highly-popular venue, or maybe you don’t want to be on a waiting list for years. Maybe you want to get a little bit creative with the location of your wedding. As we’ve discussed before, your wedding location should be unique. You could choose a place that’s special to you and your partner, for example. You could get married in the first place you ever met (unless it was on a subway). Adding that personal touch and some sentimental value will give your wedding extra meaning.


Decorate the place.

One of the best ways to make your wedding a DIY affair is to decorate yourself. You could get your partner, family, and friends to help, of course, but there’s no better way to make your wedding exactly like the visions in your head than to take complete control of the design work. As suggested over at, you could use bunting, fairy lights, candles, and other simple designs to create a warm, vibrant, and homely vibe for your wedding. There’ll be something extra special about if you do it yourself.


DIY Weddings Are The Way To Go Weddings Abroad Destination Weddings Worldwide


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