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Wedding planners …Why would you need one?  Why would you want to be one?


Confessions Of A Wedding Planner


Confessions of a Wedding Planner – Are you considering hiring a wedding planner? Or perhaps you’ve thought about becoming one yourself? In this blog post, Lisa, a seasoned events planner, shares her perspective on the value of having a wedding planner, especially when it comes to destination weddings. Drawing on her experience working with clients from all over the world, Lisa emphasises the importance of having someone “on the ground” to ensure that everything runs smoothly. She also offers insights into what sets the best wedding planners apart from the rest, including their passion, attention to detail, and ability to treat each wedding as if it were their own. So whether you’re a bride-to-be or an aspiring wedding planner, read on for Lisa’s confessions and insights into the world of wedding planning.



People ask if they really need a wedding planner?  In your home country, you could arguably try to DIY it all yourself but I honestly believe trying to organise a destination wedding without a planner / co-ordinator is not advisable.

As a long time events planner – who once diverted a flight from a provincial airport in Argentina to Cordoba to pick up 6 daft world rally championship mechanics who had ‘forgotten to check in’ but had handed their baggage over to a less than efficient check in agent who was more interested in smoking than checking what his passengers were doing – in order to get said daft mechanics over to Buenos Aires in time for a twice weekly flight back to London or be stranded half a week in the country, I know the value of the ‘swan’ method :-  Paddling like crazy out of sight and the client sees you gliding serenely around while everything looks perfect to them!

This is my best example of why …..

I remember my boss back then asking the World Rally Team Manager what sort of a job he thought I did on Events
His answer couldn’t have sealed my fate any better.
“Lisa is so good, I don’t even hear about an issue until she’s already resolved it”
The next day I saw the press release in my colleagues tray announcing me as the new ‘World Rally Championship Travel Coordinator’ and this kind of impression is what I believe sets us apart from DIYing and planning from afar with non local planners.


Confessions Of A Wedding Planner


You cannot underestimate the value of being ‘on the ground’ to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible on one of the biggest days of your life.

Many people can say they’re a Wedding Planner – not many would say they treat every wedding ( and their clients money ) as if it were their own. Always doing your best to give your clients the day of their dreams is a passion not just a job.


Confessions Of A Wedding Planner


Choosing a planner you feel comfortable and confident with is the best way to enjoy your stress free planning journey and have the best day ever. Local contacts, established relationships and the best possible deals and offers will only work in your favour and some planners even though they have a vast array of suppliers for each wedding element, will still allow you to bring your own supplier in if it’s something / someone you really want (excluding taking any responsibility for them of course), so don’t be afraid to ask these kind of questions in the initial chat to avoid disappointment or embarrassment later.

Your planner should feel like an extension of you and always be sympathetic to your ideas and wishes.
Trust your gut instincts and go with the planner who you feel understands you and your vision. A good planner is worth their weight in gold.


Confessions Of A Wedding Planner


Why do I do it then ?

Because it makes me proud to help each couple plan and execute their dream day – watching every little element come together to make it exactly the wedding they always wanted! Job satisfaction at its finest !


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Confessions Of A Wedding Planner






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Confessions Of A Wedding Planner


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Confessions Of A Wedding Planner

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