Anyone for Cricket? Or an Underwater Wedding?

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Table of Contents – Underwater Wedding

Introducing sporting events at weddings is one way to get creative. For destination weddings especially, location-specific sports are included as part of the activities. For instance, at a destination wedding in Kerala, the couple wanted to organise boat races for the guests, says Pereira. And at a destination wedding at a palace in Jodhpur, with more than 1,000 people in attendance, a polo match was organised between the groom’s and the bride’s families, says accessory merchandiser Aashumi C.

Cricket has become a huge part of such wedding celebrations, says Jarret of Marry Me Wedding Planners. Matches are organised to keep guests entertained. Adds Ashumi, for a cricket match at wedding, the couple had organised a cricket match with customised T-shirts and caps — red for the bride’s side and blue for the groom’s — complete with a third umpire and cheerleaders.
Treasure hunts spread out from Bandra to Colaba with clues hidden in 5-star hotels also helps keep guests engaged. And Ashumi recalls a wedding where a fashion show was the entertainment. “Top models had been hired to walk the ramp. Dressed in traditional attire and laden with jewels, the models gave way to the bride and the groom, who were the ‘showstoppers’ for the evening,” she says.
These weddings aren’t just fun to attend, they’re also a lot of fun to organise, say wedding planners who enjoy catering to clients’ whimsical demands. Gaurav Karia of Saffron Celebrations says: “My dream is to organise an underwater wedding. I’m just waiting for a client who can afford it.”

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