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Adventurous Honeymoons - Weddings Abroad -


Your honeymoon traditionally marks the beginning of your romantic journey together, providing an opportunity for the newlyweds to acquaint themselves. However, in modern times, it has evolved into a luxurious getaway, allowing couples to unwind and enjoy their new life together. Nevertheless, if you’re the kind of couple that craves a little adventure, a tropical beach vacation or a fancy hotel stay may not cut it. If you truly desire to kick-start your marriage on a bold note, there’s no better way than embarking on an adventure! Our collection of unconventional honeymoon ideas guarantees to leave you with unforgettable memories that will endure a lifetime.


Adventurous Honeymoons - Weddings Abroad -


How To Find The Perfect Honeymoon

Planning a non-traditional wedding is getting easier. Pinterest offers a lot of inspiration, and you can always go to a friend. But planning a less traditional honeymoon takes a bit more work. Just because you’re off the beaten path, doesn’t mean you can’t make time for some romance! Here are some things to consider before planning your exciting honeymoon!

Think about what’s important

Traditionally, a honeymoon is a way to spend quality time together before the responsibilities of real life. But these days, a honeymoon means whatever you want it to mean. Think about what would make a perfect vacation for the two of you. Are you looking to do some volunteering? Do you want to visit more than one location? Are you outdoorsy? All these things should be considered before you book your trip.

How planned do you want it to be?

Adventure or not, it’s still a honeymoon. There are going to be times you just want to be alone together. Many of these adventures come with guides, groups, and events. It’s part of the fun and makes things a lot easier, but it can be hard to get some alone time. So think about how much alone time you want, and choose tours that accommodate for it.

There’s “roughing it,” and then there’s roughing it!

Volunteering to help out at an elephant orphanage, or climbing a mountain, is a great choice for a honeymoon. It’s not exactly a relaxing resort vacation though. Learn about your accommodations before you go to avoid any packing mishaps. Does the trip provide charge points? Will you have access to hotels, or strictly camping gear? Are there stopovers where you can make time for romance, and a little relaxation? There are also practical considerations. Find out how many meals are paid for, and the size of the group you are travelling with, as well as any visa considerations or any shots you might need before you travel.


Adventurous Honeymoons - Weddings Abroad -


Unusual Honeymoons

So now that you have an idea which aspects of your honeymoon trip you should take into account, here are some great examples of out-of-the-box trips for newly-weds:


Adventurous Honeymoons - Weddings Abroad -


Husky Dog Sled For Two 

Plenty of experience package companies have dog sled runs for two, for the adventurous couple who doesn’t mind the cold. If you’re an animal lover, a nature lover and a fan of winter sports, this option is perfect for you.

Coral Reef Adventures

If you’re not a fan of the chill, maybe you need a warmer climate? Take your honeymoon in Australia, and you might choose to go snorkelling along the coral reef. Couples scuba diving lessons are available, and you’re sure to see something truly magical together. You can even join conservation efforts, and put some good into the world, as you start your life together.

Fly On A Zipline

Costa Rica is great if you’re an outdoorsy couple who lives for the hike, the wildlife, and of course, the adventure. The forests are incredible, and nearly everything runs on renewable energy, so it’s a great tourist destination for eco-friendly travellers. It’s also got a great National Park, where you can take a zip line through a tract of forest, hanging in the trees like a sloth.

Visit Volcanoes In Hawaii

Okay, I get it. You’re looking for something off the beaten track, something away from your typical relaxing beach holiday. But that doesn’t have to mean that Hawaii is off the list. Head to The Big Island, and you can hike trails at the national park, or take a helicopter ride to get a look at the active volcanoes that have been slowly building up the island for centuries. Kissing at the site of an active volcano is certainly something to write home about. The beach paradise is really just a bonus!

Visit an Elephant Sanctuary

Sri Lanka is always looking for volunteers for their elephant sanctuaries, and it’s a great way to start your life on an unforgettable adventure! See these huge, majestic creatures up close, playing, learning, and having fun. Learn how to preserve the wildlife, prevent poaching, and help the orphanages with daily duties. And who doesn’t want to play with elephants?

Adventurous Honeymoons - Weddings Abroad -


Cowboy and Cowgirl Adventure

This one is just for the city slickers! If you love the idea of ranch life, but can’t get out of the city, book a vacation at a ranch resort. Not only will you get the chance to ride horses, watch a rodeo from the stands, and learn to drive an ATV, many also include luxury amenities like spas, steam showers, and 5-star dining!

Yoga In Bali

Start your life together in a relaxing way that doesn’t involve just lying around sunbathing. Visit Bali and brush up on your Tai Chi, meditation, and yoga. It’s sure to help start your marriage on a relaxing note and keep things healthy and strong (and peaceful) at home. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Adventurous Honeymoons - Weddings Abroad -


Your honeymoon marks the beginning of an exciting new life with your soulmate. While it presents an excellent opportunity to pamper yourselves and indulge in extravagance, lounging on a beach sipping a cocktail isn’t everyone’s idea of bliss. To kickstart your marriage on a memorable note, rebel against the norm and opt for an exciting adventure that both of you will cherish for a lifetime.


What should I do next?

Start researching travel experts that specialise at your chosen honeymoon destination, or consult specialists such –  who have travelled the world extensively not only planning weddings & honeymoons but working with hotels/resorts/tourism boards.  They now have an impressive directory of vendors worldwide to start you on your exciting honeymoon planning journey.

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