5 Ways to Plan Your Honeymoon on a Budget

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5 Ways to Plan Your Honeymoon on a Budget - WeddingsAbroad.com

Table of Contents

5 Ways to Plan Your Honeymoon on a Budget - WeddingsAbroad.com

Honeymoons are treated differently everywhere by different kind of couples. Some couples want it to be simple and a memory to cherish, some want it to be a trip that would symbolise the beginning of their new relationship, some couples want their honeymoon trip to bring them closer than before and so on. But to have fun and bond with your better half is the constant expectation from everyone. Now, many people have this perception that honeymoons are always supposed to be expensive and would pinch their pockets hard. It is not entirely true since there are different ways to plan a honeymoon on a budget as well. Even weddings can be planned on a budget. You can check out more about budget weddings as well, but here are 5 ways to plan your honeymoon on a budget that would clear all your doubts and ease you out for your honeymoon trip with the special one.

  1. Plan for the right destination –

This is literally the base of your honeymoon trip plan and nothing can go wrong with this if you want to carry it out on a budget. There are destinations which would cost you a bomb and then there are beautiful destinations which would provide almost the same things at a much better price. Places like Bali, Phuket, and Pattaya etc. are some of the popular destinations that make up to this requirement. These places are cost friendly and also make sure to channel a great vibe of positivity and love. You can also choose some other destinations you have in your mind that is cost friendly and good for couples.

     2.  Save up in transport –

It is very common among many couples that irrespective of planning ahead of time for the perfect honeymoon destination, they end up spending the saved cash on travelling. Traveling is expensive, and it is a no getaway fact for everyone who is acquainted with it. Though, there are ways to save up a lot of money in transport without affecting the actual trip. One of the most popular mantra to save money while travelling is to book tickets in advance. In advance, we mean a couple of months or even earlier if possible. Flight, trains, and buses – all these transportation options have a tendency of price hike when the date of travel is close. So be wise and plan your trip properly and book tickets in advance for the entire trip. This would definitely help you save up for a budget-friendly honeymoon. The second way to cap a budget on the transportation cost is to choose the best routes to travel to one place. The best route would not only help you ease your trip but would also cut cost to a significant extent.

    3.  Do the right things at your destination –

Many people make this mistake of not planning about what to do at their selected destination. So, plan ahead of your honeymoon trip on things to do at your destination. Look out for good places for sightseeing and adventures and check out fun things to do in the local area. Explore the nightlife and places that host good parties so both of you can relax yourselves. For parties, you can check out these golden glitter tennis shoes for yourself and for the men to gift it to their wives.  


5 Ways to Plan Your Honeymoon on a Budget - WeddingsAbroad.com

     4.  Budget stays work well –

It is not always necessary that you have to check-in to a 5-star hotel for your honeymoon. A lot of people like to explore the destination more than to stay at the hotel. So, get yourself a place that just offers the requirements that you need. If a fancy place would not make much of a difference to you, then this is the best way to cap a budget for the honeymoon trip. There are a variety of websites and agents who offer great stays at a much lesser price than that of a fancy hotel.

     5.  Plan and do the trip yourself –

This is rather a general way to plan a budget honeymoon. Since most couples leave the honeymoon planning to agents or take up pre-decided packages, it is always wise to plan your trip yourself. In this way, you are not bound to take everything that a package has to offer, and you can make your necessary changes. This is a great way to save up a lot of money while still enjoying to the fullest.


5 Ways to Plan Your Honeymoon on a Budget - WeddingsAbroad.com


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