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A wedding in Greece is always going to be stunning and one to remember.

Greece is a popular marriage location, as people just love the architecture, beaches, blue skies and turquoise waters. It can make one of the most romantic destinations! If this is somewhere you’re considering for your wedding, this quick guide can help you.


Ensuring You Meet Legal Requirements

Making sure you meet the legal requirements to marry in Greece is essential before you finalise anything. You don’t want to have your heart set on Greece, only to discover later on that your marriage won’t be legally recognised. Discussing your needs with a wedding planner who plans Grecian weddings could help you to sort out anything you need.


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Greek Wedding Traditions

If you’ve chosen to marry in Greece, then you might want to include some of the Greek wedding traditions that are commonly used in ceremonies. For instance, the priest usually blesses the rings, and then they are passed between the bride and groom 3 times before being worn to symbolise their bond. You might even want to include a sweet wedding bread, which makes a great treat for Greek guests.


Pick The Right Month

Between May and September are the most popular months to marry. This pretty much ensures perfect weather, so you don’t need to worry about any mishaps! Just bear in mind, it gets really hot in Greece. Make sure you make your wardrobe, makeup, and hair choices accordingly so you don’t feel the need to complain.


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Food And Drink

Traditionally, Greek weddings serve up lots of food. There are lots of different plates, and there should be more than enough for everybody. Not only that, there are plenty of drinks too! The Greeks know how to throw a party and they must make sure everybody is fed and watered nicely.


The Cost

Of course, the cost is one of the most crucial things to know come the big day. You can make your wedding suit pretty much any budget, but guests will usually find that it weighs heavy on their pockets to come along. If they do come, make sure you treat them and show them how you appreciate it. It could cost up to $2000 for guests to join you on your big day, depending on flights, accommodation, and everything else they must sort out. Luxury Santorini villas will make a beautiful backdrop to your wedding day, but your guests may prefer to stay somewhere more affordable. Make sure you discuss this with them, and be prepared to do what you can to make booking and things easier for them. Show them how much you want them there!



Although a wedding planner can make things easier,  as mentioned earlier, you should still start planning a year in advance. This should give you enough time to save, do plenty of research, and book what you need to.

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