You’ve Said ‘I Do’- What Comes Next?

It’s so easy to get lost in wedding planning madness. When this is one of the busiest and most special days of your life, you want to be sure to get it right so it’s memorable for both you, your partner and all of your loved ones. Planning a wedding takes time, and you could have spent the best part of a year or two choosing colours, bridesmaid dresses, finding your own gown, picking a venue, deciding on flowers, stationery, transport and so much more- it just seems to go on and on! So once the big day has been and gone, you’re back from your honeymoon and starting life as a married couple you may be filled with a strange sense of calm. No more chasing up RSVPs or calling vendors, no more making last minute changes or worrying/ getting excited about the wedding day. In many cases, you might be asking ‘what comes next?’


You've Said "I Do" - What comes Next? -


You now wear a wedding band to complement the princess cut diamond ring you were given to you at your engagement, and are probably rocking a gorgeous tan from your honeymoon somewhere hot. Now is the time to enjoy your happily ever after, but here are a few things to do first!


Decide What You Will do With Your Dress

Do you want to keep your dress? Perhaps you hope your future daughter could wear it someday. If so, you will need to have it professionally cleaned and preserved. Lots of companies offer this, and it prevents pests or discolouration from sitting in storage for many years. Alternatively you could consider donating it, giving it to a charity shop could give a bride on a budget the chance to wear your stunning gown, while the money they pay goes to charity. Another option is donate to a company that makes gowns for stillborn babies from prom and wedding dresses. You know that your dress has gone to a good cause this way.


Send Thank You Cards

Chances are friends and family have given you money and some lovely wedding gifts, and so it’s only right to formally thank them. Plus your guests have spent time and money attending your big day, while they will have had no problems with doing so it’s still nice to say thank you. Send out some lovely hand written thank you cards through the post or deliver them personally.


You've Said "I Do" - What comes Next? -


Inform Relevant Companies of Your New Name

If you have chosen to take on your partner’s surname, you will need to let relevant companies know about this. Your utilities and bills, doctors, dentists, children’s schools, your work and others. You will also need to send off for a new passport and driving license in your new name too. Don’t forget your bank, and any other formal institutions. Find out if they will accept a copy, or if they need your original certificate. If they want the original, be sure to pay the extra for recorded delivery so that it doesn’t go missing.


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