Winter Wedding Styling Tips You’ll Adore!

Winter Wedding Styling Tips You’ll Adore

Dressing for a winter wedding can be tricky. You want to look great. But it’s likely to be cold, and there may be a risk of rain or even snow. If you’ve been invited to a winter wedding, don’t go into panic mode. Here are some styling tips to save you from stressing.


Winter Wedding Styling -


Dressing for the weather

When you go to a wedding, it’s always best to plan an outfit that is suitable for the weather conditions. It’s often easier to find an outfit for a summer wedding, as you can simply throw on a beautiful dress and look fabulous. In the winter, the task is tougher. Nobody wants to be stood shivering in the cold, even if you are wearing a fabulous frock. If you’re looking for a dress, go for something with long sleeves, or a style you can wear with a jacket or tailored coat. Opaque tights and leather gloves are always a good idea in the depths of winter. If it’s an informal ceremony, you could consider alternatives, such as cigarette pants or a jumpsuit. Hats are a popular wedding tradition, and they’ll help you to keep warm. The weather is often unpredictable, so don’t forget to take an umbrella with you.


Winter Wedding Styling Tips -


Colours and materials

Many people think that summer dressing is more fun because the shops are full or bright colors and vivid prints. However, winter styling can also be enjoyable. There are lots of luxe patterns and materials around, and the shades and tones are rich and opulent. If you’re looking for inspiration, jewel tones like purple, burgundy, black, and emerald green are excellent options for winter weddings. Materials like velvet are great for dresses, while a fur trim around a chic coat will finish the outfit off perfectly.


Winter Wedding Styling - - Winter Weddings



Accessories are all-important when it comes to dressing for a wedding at any time of year. In the winter months, go for gold beading and sequin embellishment if you’re buying collars or clutch bags. Use your accessories to make your outfit more interesting and distinctive. If you’ve got a plain dress, for example, you can jazz it up by adding oversized stud earrings. Sites like have some great examples.

Makeup tips

In the summer, we all tend to favour glowing skin and nude lips. In the winter, you can experiment with rich shades and a more dramatic look. A smokey eye or a bright red lip are always a safe bet for instant glamour. If you’re looking to try new things, why not opt for golden eyes, a burgundy lip or 60’s- style feline flicks? For more ideas and tutorials, check out


Winter Wedding Styling - - Winter Weddings


In the cooler months, it can be trickier to put wedding outfits together, but styling shouldn’t be stressful. Have fun trying on different pieces, and experiment with your accessories and makeup. Embrace the deep colors and luxurious fabrics, and don’t be afraid to grab things from the rail you wouldn’t normally wear. You’ll never know what suits you until you try different styles.


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