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Private Jets for Weddings

When it comes to the big day everyone expects the ultimate in luxury and extreme diligence, why stop at the ceremony? If your wedding is abroad or away from home, we can get you and your whole party there in style.


Private Jet Weddings -


Start The Trip Off Right

Travelling can be stressful at the best of times and catching flights is no exception to that rule, however during the recent pandemic this can border on impossible to face. You can stay safe on a private jet knowing the crew are regularly tested for Covid-19, the aircrafts are cleaned and sanitised regularly, and you are only travelling with those in your party.
Further to this if you charter a private jet you can breeze through the check in process away from the busy airport terminals leaving you feeling at peace and capable of facing even the fullest itineraries around!
Best bit is you only need to turn up to the private terminal 20 minutes before take-off, just enough time to greet your party and enjoy a glass of champagne!


Private Jet Weddings -


Private Travel for Your Guests

Bringing your family together for your wedding sounds like a dream during the year we’ve had and if you’re currently planning your wedding why not bring everyone to a dream destination by chartering a private jet.
Now we understand this might seem like a huge task however many people are surprised that if they bring enough guests, it may be more cost effective than you think! So why not treat them to the flight of a lifetime with their own exclusive charter flight to celebrate the biggest occasion of your life.


Private Jet Weddings -


What You Can Expect Onboard

Why not begin celebrating on the way to your wedding? You can customise your journey and choose your favourite champagne or bubbly, maybe you fancy an intimate dinner 41,000 ft in the sky or light snacks followed by a lunch. We will cater for any taste, preference or dietary needs just let us know ahead of time and your Personal Account Manager will assist you every step of the way.


Private Jet Weddings -


Keep Your Luggage Safe

From checking in your luggage to then waiting to reclaiming it after spending hours flying to the destination there’s a better solution now, by choosing private air travel your luggage will be secure and in good hands, rest and relax on the flight and put your feet up knowing your luggage is safe and being correctly handled.
If you’re travelling with your dress rest assured, it will receive the best care, it’s never been easier to keep your belongings safe during travel.


Private Jet Weddings -

In Conclusion

Charter a private jet to your wedding and experience a bespoke service from start to finish allowing you to arrive well rested and refreshed. Getting married is everyone’s chance to experience luxury and the wow factor, so why not charter a private jet for all-important travel to the destination of your choice.

Let us find the perfect flight for you and experience the fine art of flying with Weddings Abroad aviation partners – Tell us your departure and destination along with guest numbers,  and our aviation team will search for an aircraft or helicopter according to specifications such as route, number of passengers, or aircraft model.


Private Jet Weddings -




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