Weddings abroad and the current economic climate…

Speaking with several wedding and travel professionals over the past week, it appears that the current economic climate seems to be steering clear of the wedding industry. Many are seeing an increase in bookings for both honeymoons and weddings for 2009.

Increasingly, many couples have opted to get married abroad, with the trend for so-called wedding tourism, increasing year-on-year. Given the average cost of a UK wedding now to be in excess of £20,000 no wonder destination weddings are becoming more popular. With the affordability of low cost flights to many destinations, offers exceptional weddings at fantastic locations around the world which are well within couples budgets.

In the current economic climate, the increasing popularity of destination weddings, shows that couples and their families are now taking a closer look at wedding costs, and are discovering that a destination wedding ticks all the right boxes, with the wedding, location, travel and honeymoon costing a lot less than the wedding alone at home would cost.

As the economic storm clouds gather, destination weddings are providing a ray of sunshine to the blushing brides and grooms in these uncertain times, proving that when it comes to getting married, brides and grooms are determined the show will go on.

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