5 ways to make your wedding uniquely you

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Wedding Unique - Weddingsabroad.com

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Your wedding day should be all about you. Too often, engaged couples spend a lot of time worrying about what other people will think, and how to keep everyone happy. The pressure of one of the biggest days in your life can be overwhelming.

But when planning a wedding, it’s important to return to what really matters – a celebration of your marriage and the exciting future that awaits you and your new partner.

That’s why it’s important to personalise your day, and include all the things you love. Don’t worry about the trends, or what anyone else has done at weddings you’ve attended recently. Make your wedding uniquely you. Here’s how:


       1. Include a photo and memory board

Don’t dismiss it as cheesy. People will enjoy seeing highlights of your time together, and perhaps be delighted when they see a photo or two of them featuring. It’s all too rare to get photos printed out nowadays. A wedding is a great chance to stroll through old memories and get some great photos blown up and on show for everyone to see.

To create new memories from your wedding day, start a hashtag on Instagram for all the guests to add their photos to.


Wedding Unique - Weddingsabroad.com



        2. Tailor the food to your preferences

When you’re catering for quite a large number, as is typical of weddings, it can feel like everyone is fussy. There’s a few vegans, some people who are avoiding gluten and children who won’t touch vegetables. How do you keep everyone happy? It’s nearly impossible, so make sure you get something you love.

This is particularly important with your wedding cake, which is why it’s no surprise personalised cakes have been growing in popularity. Ice cream, mini cupcakes, doughnut towers, cheese boards and dessert shots – they’re all great alternatives to the traditional wedding cake.


Wedding Unique - Weddingsabroad.com



        3.  Don’t be afraid to break wedding dress traditions

When it comes to wedding dresses, people tend to stick to certain ‘rules’. Most are ivory or white, and tend to be floor length. But if you suit a bit of colour or a skirt cut just below the knee, that’s what you should wear. Your wedding dress should make you feel amazing – whether it’s pastel colours or bold accessories, feel free to break tradition to make your day unique to you.


Wedding Unique - Weddingsabroad.com



       4.  Make your own playlist

Music plays a huge part of your reception. You’ll want music you can enjoy and dance to all night. Of course, if you love string quartets, jazz trios or Spanish guitar players, opt for them. But the easiest way to make the music unique to you is to create a playlist beforehand and give it to the DJ. They can add to it to make sure it’s a complete set, but you know there’ll be loads of your favourites.

If you want, Brides also suggest ensuring the dance floor is pack by asking guests to jot dot some of their favourite songs on the RSVP card and including those too.


Wedding Unique - Weddingsabroad.com



       5.  Arrive in style

A lot of people suggest arranging unique transport for your guests – hot air balloon rides and charming yellow school buses are amongst the ideas.
But why use them for your guests? Save the best part of the day for yourselves. It’ll be great when you make a unique entrance at your reception.


Wedding Unique - Weddingsabroad.com


How did you make your wedding unique? Share your ideas with us.


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