Countdown To Complexion Perfection On Your Big Day

Our Skin Expert Dr Lucy Holloway BSc, MBBS – the Medical Director of Dr Lucy Skin Clinic advises us on the Countdown To Complexion Perfection


Wedding Skin - Countdown to complexion perfection on your big day - - Dr Lucy Skin Clinic

12 Months to go

Choose a clinically proven skin care regimen. No I don’t mean the most expensive, over the counter, designer range, one that is research driven and shows measurable results.
I recommend the following – dependent on our skin type:
Gentle Soap free Cleanser
Peptide serum
Moisturizer with spf 25+
Night time retinoid treatment
1 x Monthly deep exfoliation treatment e.g. Dermaplaning or microdermabrasion facial


6 Months to go

If you are considering anti-wrinkle injections (Botulinum Toxin) it is best to get your first injections at least 6 months before the big day. This way you know how your body will react, what results to expect and any asymmetry can be evened out for your second treatment around 3 weeks before your wedding day.


3 Months to go

For glowing, smooth skin on your big day I always recommend a course of Peelabrasion treatments. Usually 2 weeks apart. The outer, dead layer of skin cells is softened using a light skin peel and then microdermabrasion is applied to mechanically exfoliate away dead skin cells and debris. Acne scars, blocked pores and areas of altered pigment can be minimized.
After the 8 week course of Peelabrasion treatments your skin will be smooth, glowing and you will need to wear minimal makeup.


1 Month to go

If you are planning to have dermal fillers, I would recommend having them approximately 1 month before your wedding. This will allow time for retreatment if necessary, and plenty of time for any swelling to resolve. In the clinic, I use fillers for lip augmentation and reduction of lines around the lower face. Always choose a medical professional to administer dermal fillers to avoid product misplacement and other complications.

1 week to go

“Red carpet” Peelabrasion treatment to exfoliate away any dull, tired skin and produce a flawless, fresh glowing complexion. Make-up sits better and the photos will show your beautiful fresh skin.


Wedding Skin - Countdown to complexion perfection on your big day - - Dr Lucy Skin Clinic


This guest blog was brought to you by our Skin Expert Dr Lucy Holloway, the Medical Director of Dr Lucy Skin Clinic based in Morpeth, Northumberland


Wedding Skin - Countdown to complexion perfection on your big day - - Dr Lucy Skin Clinic

To book your skin care consulation please contact Dr Lucy by clicking here:

Dr Lucy Holloway BSc, MBBS
Medical Director
Dr Lucy Skin Clinic,
7D Newgate Street,


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