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Super comfortable & stylish flip flops are perfect for every wedding, party or special occasion when tired and weary feet need a break from being in heels all day!  

Beautiful, new bridal range, allows you to add letter charms to spell words on your laces such as BRIDE & FLOWER GIRL

They are fabulous if you are having a wedding or hen party abroad!  

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Swap Top Wedding Flip Flops

Step One – Choose Your Soles…

Step Two – Choose Your Laces…

Step Three – Choose Your Accessories…

Step Four – Choose Your Words… (Optional)


Swap Top Flip Flops come with handy loops on the soles, which allow you thread your laces through and change them for a different colour any time you like!

Create more than 100 styles with just one pair of sandals!

Made with high quality materials and designed for COMFORT, the clever Flip Flops, give you fabulous feet wherever you go.

From one sole comes a variety of style options. Never has it been easier to create your own personalised, unique design. 


Swap Top Wedding Flip Flops Weddings Abroad Hen Party Weddings WeddingsAbroad.com



Simply choose your favourite colour soles, then add different laces to go on top.


A FULL SET includes:


2 Pairs of different colour laces / straps

1 pair of decorative rings or buckles


You can then buy more laces and accessories to customise your sandals.

Your Flip Flops will arrive with the laces already done for you, along with a simple instruction leaflet.

Delivered to pretty much anywhere!


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