Wedding Disasters – Top 10 weddings that go wrong

A bride wants everything to be perfect on her wedding day – to look back on that special day with a smile, laugh at the wedding photos and videos and have a great story to tell.

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Unfortunately, for the unlucky few the day doesn’t always go according to plan, as Welsh couple discovered recently when a family scrap broke out at their Port Talbot reception.

From sinking brides to the truly tragic we look at the top 10 worst weddings. Bridezillas beware….

1. Wet wedding
Both the bride and the vicar end up in the swimming pool after a clumsy best man loses his footing.

2. Hurricane Wedding
Barbara and Doug Rozenboom planned their wedding for nine months- perfecting every detail but they scheduled it late in the summer of 1996, just as Hurricane Fran hit the Carolinas, causing floods, massive power failures and at least 26 deaths.

3. Wedding Earthquake
A couple watched the church they were getting married in crumble around them as the Sichuan earthquake hit China.
Considered the strongest and deadliest earthquake to hit since 1976 it killed and injured thousands.
Luckily the 33 attendees and bride and groom were not inside the church at the time but the wedding photographer managed to catch these shocking snaps.

4. Lost Wedding
Despite spending £4,000 on a Caribbean wedding, Mike Goodhall and Heidi Loader were unable to prove that they were legally married because of a spelling mistake on the marriage certificate.
A clerk in the Dominican Republic, where the couple were married on a beach, spelt Mr Goodhall’s surname with an “e” instead of the first “l”. The couple returned the certificate to travel company Thomas Cook to be amended but they lost the information meaning Ms Loader was unable to get a passport or credit card in her married name.

5. The Versailles wedding hall
In one of the worst civil disasters in Israel’s history, Keren and Asaf Drors’ wedding was bought to a tragic end when the third floor of the four-story Versailles Hall collapsed as revellers danced on it. Bride and groom survived but 23 people died and approximately 380 were injured.

6. Heartbreaking
It was a wedding day to remember… for all the wrong reasons.
Brian Ashton and Sarah Ward had their wedding plans brought to a tragic end when the white limo carrying the groom and his mother crashed yards from the church causing the groom’s mum Maureen to have a heart attack.

7. Caribbean Chaos
A couple’s Caribbean dream wedding turned into disaster after they discovered they may not actually be married. Clare George and John Bevan spent more than £6,000 flying their family to Jamaica for their big day.But troubles arose when they arrived to find nothing prepared for them. Despite organising it all last minute once back home, doubts were rasied as to whether the Valentine’s Day ceremony was legally binding as no documentation was ever received.The couple’s travel agent is investigating.

8.Cake Catastrophe
A slightly clumsy bride tries to have her cake and eat it…unsuccessfully.

9. Best Man Blunders
The pressure of being a best man can get to some people as this poor guy proves.

10. Runaway Groom
All brides fear being left at the altar and that’s exactly what happened to Lilibeth Gaviola when college sweetheart Ryan Sesante left her humiliated in front of friends and family and ran off with another woman just as he was about to say “I do”.
Lilibeth got her deserved revenge suing Ryan claiming moral damages of £26,500.

Click here to read the entire article with videos….

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