The best long haul wedding destinations for foodies

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The best long haul wedding destinations for foodies

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The best long haul wedding destinations for foodies

If you’re planning your overseas wedding destination, you’ll have learned that there are so many aspects to bear in mind. Price, location, views are all important -but what about food? We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying the cuisine of other cultures in the UK, so to experience it first hand in the actual country of origin is definitely a major attraction.

Travel experts at have helped us list the top five long haul locations for foodies to tie the knot.

St Lucia

It was difficult to choose exactly where in the Caribbean did the best food, but St Lucia pipped Jamaica and Antigua to the post – through its variety, influences and diversity. If you’re thinking of a Caribbean wedding, St Lucia can give you pretty much everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Picturesque views, incredible hospitality, sunshine, and cuisine that is guaranteed to give you the wow-factor.  Influenced by French and East India, everything from the fresh lobster to green figs and saltfish are created into exciting dishes that will be quite unlike anything else you ever tried.

Key dish: Accras. These are salted cod fish cakes that are traditionally eaten at breakfast but can be served anytime of the day – pure St Lucia on a plate.

The best long haul wedding destinations for foodies


While the tourists throng in Patong and Karon, you might want to plan your wedding in a place that has more of a laidback pace of life.  Wherever you choose (Nai Yang, Rawai and Tri Tra Beach are some of our favourites), the food you’ll be served will be destined to beat any Thai food you’ve had back in the UK. Ever. Expect traditional Thai wedding bread, Khanom Kareaw, a customary Thai dish served at weddings called Met Khanoon, and a whole host of other stews, curries, rice dishes and salads guaranteed to make you want to stay on the beautiful island for a little longer.

Key dish: Fried fish with tamarind sauce. Sounds simple enough but the result is a dish that will linger in the memory forever more.

The best long haul wedding destinations for foodies

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia food takes a backseat to its more popular Southeast Asian counterparts, but for no good reason. Malaysian food is some of the best we’ve ever tasted, and Kuala Lumpur is the ultimate place to sample as much as you can. While Nasi Goreng is perhaps the most famous Maeay dish in the UK, there’s so much more to the country’s cuisine. Weddings in Kuala Lumpur can be lavish affairs, and there is a huge focus on the foods they serve here. If possible, sample Ikan Bakar, Rendang, Asam Laksa and Chilli and Black Pepper Crab.

Key dish: No Malay wedding would be complete without Sambal Goreng Pengantin – a very complicated dish but one that is well worth the effort.

Sambal Goreng Pengantin

Sri Lanka

While relatively small, Sri Lanka’s cuisine has unique differences depending which part of the island you are. The northern side’s food is traditionally cooked with a dark curry powder and uses crab and goat to create incredible dishes. The east coast is famous for its lotus plant stirfry. However, what unites them is the Dutch, Portuguese, Indian, Arabic and even English influences. This spice island has the run of diverse ingredients – and a large part of a visit to Sri Lanka should be devoted to sampling as many of the dishes on offer as possible.

Key dish: It might be a bit too hearty for a wedding, but visitors to the island need to try Mud Crab Curry – a blend of coconut milk, fennel seeds, fresh cumin, garlic, shallots and the famous Jaffna curry powder.

The best long haul wedding destinations for foodies


It’s easy to forget, amid the glitz and glamour, that Dubai is in the heart of Arabia. And while you can have the best global cuisine available in any of the five star hotels, it’s the traditional Arabic food that you need to hunt down and experience. The Middle East is big on slow cooked meats, stewed fruits, fragrant spices and soft breads. No visit to Dubai should go without chicken shawarma, Al Machboos and Esh Asarya. Not to mention the old suspects – hummous, tabbouleh and falafel.

Key dish: Dubai’s traditional wedding dish is Al Harees which is a mixture of meat and wheat and wheeled out at every wedding in the Emirates.

The best long haul wedding destinations for foodies

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