Everything You Need To Know About Getting Married Or Having Your Wedding Reception In Your Own Backyard

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Wedding Backyard - WeddingsAbroad.com

Table of Contents

Wedding Backyard - WeddingsAbroad.com


It is true that marriage seems to be less popular in general worldwide. This is because religion is declining, people are single for longer and more focused on their career, and the institution of marriage isn’t something that everyone buys into these days. Relationships themselves are different in the modern day with many different types of interactions and partnerships making up the global community we all live in. However, last year statistics showed there were over 60 million married couples living in the US alone. Marriage is still something many of us wish for, and want, and believe in.

Weddings Can Be An Expensive

Getting married can be really expensive, and one of the main costs of getting married is the venue hire which can cost thousands. On top of that you have flowers, catering, legalities, furniture, transport, hair, makeup, dresses – the list always seems endless. Shockingly, the average cost of a wedding in Australia is over $36,000 dollars. It is no wonder many people have to save up their whole lives just for this one special day.


There is one amazing way that many people cut down the cost of getting married, and that is by getting married in their garden, and/or holding their wedding reception in their backyard. Many people do this, not only because it saves a lot of money, but also because it means getting married in a place that is already special. Often parental homes are also great venues for weddings and wedding receptions because parents tend to be more financially stable and have bigger properties, but also because there are lots of established lovely happy memories on that land.


So, how do you go about getting married and holding a reception in your own backyard?

The Legalities

In America and Australia there are different laws on where you can get married depending on the state or territory that you live in. In the UK you cannot get married at home because full marriage licenses are generally given to churches, registry offices or in some cases, stately homes. You can request a license but it costs a lot of money and time and you are unlikely to get one for your garden for a one off event. What many people choose to do instead is get married at a registry office or somewhere to get the legalities done, then hold a blessing and reception in their garden. You only have to have a few witnesses with you when you go, so you can keep the big celebrations at your property.

How To Hold A Blessing Or Reception In Your Backyard

If you have made the decision to enjoy a blessing or reception in your backyard, or you can legally marry in your backyard, there are lots of things you need to think about to get this kind of event to run smoothly. The best thing is, it is all at your property so it will be a lot easier and cheaper to get the logistics right than if you had to work with a venue.


Here are some top tips for holding your romantic event in your backyard:

Get It Planned

Think very carefully about the event and how it is going to work. Is the space big enough? What kind of event do you want? Do you want a hot dinner, or a buffet? Are you holding a ceremony, reception or both? Answering these questions is really useful because it enables you to understand what you need, and to tell any companies you hire, like catering or music and lights, what your requirements are and if the space you are using is suitable.

Prepare The Space

The space needs preparing for the event so it is suitable for the occasion. If you are holding the event in summer, then you should hopefully have flowers and a beautiful lawn to spruce up for the event. Any debris needs to be cleared, fences painted and lawns mowed. If you are finding there isn’t enough natural colour, you can always cleverly add decorations, pot plants and other accessories to enhance the backdrop. This article about preparing a flower garden for a wedding is really useful, as is this article about preparing a garden for a wedding.

Pick A Theme

A theme for the wedding will help the overall look to be coherent and attractive. You can find inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram under the #weddingtrends search, or there are some great tips for hot wedding trends 2018 in this article, and in this YouTube video.

Think Carefully About Equipment Hire Over Equipment Purchase

Because of transportation, often equipment is hired when a venue is rented out for an occasion like a wedding. However, when it comes to an event at home, you could justify a mix of purchasing and hiring, with items that you could use again anyway. A large gazebo for example, is inexpensive and you can use it for camping and for summer events in your garden anyway (obviously it depends on how big the one you hire is!). Generators are another good purchase because they are always useful, and sourcing well priced diesel generators are often a lot easier than finding them to hire. They make perfect sense on the wedding day for sound, lighting, refrigeration and cooking. They are also useful in the future for blackouts, extra refrigeration, barbecues and camping. Weigh up the cost of hiring and purchasing and think carefully about whether the item is useful in the future before you make your choice.

Don’t Let It Rain On Your Parade

A gazebo, marquee, tent or any other weather protection is a great idea. It contains the party, it provides a space for the all important dance floor, and it stops the rain ruining the event. Did you know it rains for on average 156 days of the year in the UK? That is over a third of a chance your event will be scuppered by rain! Even in the sunniest environments, it makes sense to have weather protection because if there is one thing that is never constant anywhere in the world, it is nature and the weather it brings.

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. –  Martin Luther

Whether you are holding a blessing, marriage or wedding reception in your garden, you’re certainly going to save a few dollars by avoiding expensive venue costs. You’re also likely to add an extra special element to the day, by securing this romantic union somewhere you already hold dear. With lots of planning, preparation and creativity, it is destined to be an incredible day you remember for the rest of your married lives.

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