Why you should say “I do” to a wedding abroad

Choosing to have your wedding abroad can be a cost saving compromise...

Wedding Abroad – Planning your wedding is probably one of the most important, and the most stressful, things you will ever do. Your wedding is arguably the biggest day of your life and it’s only natural that you want everything to be perfect. As there’s just so much to think about, and too often it ends up becoming less about the actual day than the amount of money it costs to reach that level of perfection.

No one wants money to get in the way of their big day, but it’s not unusual for weddings in the UK to end up costing upwards of £25,000, a huge financial commitment…. And that’s just the wedding, without even considering honeymoon costs.


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However, there is another option, more and more couples are choosing to travel abroad not just for honeymoons but for the actual wedding as well. Weddings abroad are an increasing trend, which is not really all that surprising considering the average cost is less than a quarter of what you would pay in the UK. And when you really think about it, it really does make sense. Not only does the wedding cost less, but there is literally a whole world of choice to make your wedding the most perfect day for you, wherever and however you want to do it.


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A destination wedding could be the solution to all your problems….you get to combine your dream wedding with your dream honeymoon in any location you choose – it’s the perfect romantic holiday and unlike with UK weddings, you’re even almost completely guaranteed good weather on the day!

Yes, you might have to compromise a little on numbers and guests, after all not everyone can afford luxury European, Australian or Caribbean holidays at the moment and a lot of guests won’t be able to make it, but as long as those closest to you are there surely it’s worth the compromise? And you can always have a big party to celebrate when you get back.


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When it comes down to it, it’s your big day and it’s your choice – so why not choose to do something different, stand out from the crowd and make your day as perfect as it can be.


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