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You’ve gone through the tears of joy phase when you said ‘yes’ to your partner. Now you’re engaged and next you have to say ‘I do to make it official. If you’re honest, you’ve probably been planning your own wedding since you were little. That in itself is something psychologically fascinating as weddings a cultural aspect of civilization. They’re not inherent in our minds, so already, ask yourself are you truly doing things your own way?

Do you really want a white wedding, are you sure you want the ceremony in a church? Are you sure you need something blue? All these things are part and parcel of a culture that has been passed down but can it really just be described as tradition? Modern weddings can do it all if you’re willing to do it all. Anything is possible, you just need the creativity and indeed maybe even the courage to do something out of the norm to really call your wedding unique.



The church for the Cape

Traditionally, the belief in god plays a big role in weddings. It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian or any other faith, there’s always a part for your belief to play in your wedding. But if you don’t consider it necessary to get married at the steeple then you can swap the church for the Eastern Cape. according to the latest weddings trends of 2018, The Plantation in South Africa is the hottest destination for couples looking to get married. When it comes to destination weddings i.e. weddings that are designed to be held abroad, you should look at the top 5 places to go. They are not just exotic but they are professional. The venues are in fact businesses that offer accommodation, event halls, special treatment for married couples and also for the party afterward.


Inject your own flavors

For most weddings, the cherry on top is the cake. It’s usually tiered and has figurines on top of the bride and groom. Do you want to be this predictable with all your food? Inject something that is completely your own. Put something on the menu or share with your guests, a family recipe. No doubt you’ll be using a catering service with your personally chosen menu. However, to make a wedding your own, make a cake that your mother passed down to you. Make a starter or main course that has lasted in your family for generations. These flavors that are part of your ancestry, have a chance to be tasted at your wedding.



New rings?

Buying new rings for each other is a sign of something new. It’s the usual thing to do and if this is very important to you, then, by all means, go ahead with it. However, again, do you or your groom have rings that have been in each other’s families for generations? Could you not swap those family heirlooms with each other as part of the ring ceremony? This is what makes a wedding unique, your own personal stories of life being shared and celebrated.


Unique Wedding -


Of course, you can make your wedding one-of-a-kind. But are you going to? It takes guts to veer from the norm, but everyone has the same old wedding and far too often, they are purely fulfilling something that they have been taught or culturally influenced by.


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