A Unique Love Story: A Honeymoon With A Difference

Honeymoon with a Difference - WeddingsAbroad.com

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most beautiful events in your life. And after all that meticulous planning and exchanging of vows, we want to run off into the sunset and celebrate in style. Some couples choose lavish beach holidays. Others may go on an African safari. Some couples want to camp under the stars while other may choose a trip of a lifetime to one of the wonders of the world. There are no rules when it comes to planning your honeymoon. It can be as traditional or unique as you like. It can be opulent or rustic, adventurous or relaxing. The most important thing is that is says something about you both as a couple and is a journey you will both treasure forever.


A Unique Adventure

There are many unique ways to celebrate your honeymoon. But today we’re going to focus on just one of them, and that’s taking to the open road for an RV honeymoon of adventure and romance. A USA motorhome vacation has so much to offer regarding flexibility, freedom and breathtaking destinations.

Why Do It?

The beauty of taking an RV is that you can also choose to stay in a lavish hotel for a few nights before embarking on a whirlwind adventure. Perhaps you fancy a few nights in Las Vegas or maybe a weekend in New York? It could be that you both have your sights set on Hollywood or maybe New Orleans. It’s perfectly possible to enjoy opulence in one destination, before planning a spectacular on the road adventure to a few more places. Cruising around in a plush RV at your own pace has a certain sense of allure about it. It almost feels like you are running away!

Honeymoon with a Difference - Weddings Abroad

Suggested Destinations

There are many breathtaking destinations and itineraries you can choose as you travel across America. First up, how about Alaska? If you have ever fancied exploring this beautiful remote location then why not take the opportunity now. There’s plenty of outstanding scenery ad incredible wildlife to be enjoyed. It’s all about solitude and tranquility in this beautiful spot, perfect for enjoying your honeymoon. There are amazing National Parks, glaciers, forests and mountains to explore. A second option would be to create a journey that incorporates all the beauty of the West. Here you can take pleasure in beautiful beaches, sunny coastlines, fantastic National Parks and electrifying cities. These include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. There is amazing coastal scenery through Big Sur and Pebble Beach. And also fascinating adventure to be had in Yosemite National Park. And you’ll also want to make sure you take a spectacular helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon for the ultimate in romance. Our third and final option would be a thrilling and unique honeymoon through the Wild West. You’ll visit places such as Wyoming, South Dakota, and Utah and immerse yourself in time gone by. Here it’s all about Calamity Jane, Mount Rushmore, and Buffalo Bill Cody.

Sometimes it’s worth thinking outside the box when it comes to organizing your honeymoon. This way it means you’ll get to share extra special memories that will last a lifetime.


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