I Do: Everything You Need to Know About Tying the Knot Abroad

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Tying the Knot Abroad - Everything you need to know - WeddingsAbroad.com

Table of Contents

Tying the Knot Abroad - Everything you need to know - WeddingsAbroad.com


Most of us think we have a fairly good idea of what we want our wedding to be like. We’ve been planning it since we were little, after all. That is, at least, until someone proposes and it comes to actually planning all of your hopes and wishes. Suddenly everything is thrown into disarray. You’re unsure of what you want. You find it hard to make decisions about near enough anything. Where do you want the big day to be held? Who should be invited? What kind of dress would you like? Do you even like traditional wedding cakes? What about the flower arrangements? How are you going to arrive? The list of things that you need to plan is seemingly endless and you’re finding it difficult to settle on anything. But don’t worry. This is totally normal! It’s easy to feel lost with such a daunting event in the pipeline. So, let’s start slow. The first question that needs to be addressed is whether you want to be wed on home turf or abroad. The answer to this will help to determine a whole host of other aspects of wedding planning. For now, we’ll focus on planning a wedding abroad, which is perhaps the most difficult of the two options.


Tying the Knot Abroad - Everything you need to know - WeddingsAbroad.com


Is a Wedding Abroad Right for You and Your Partner?

The first thing to question is whether a wedding abroad is right for both you and your partner. Hosting your wedding abroad can result in a true fairytale day. Whether that’s getting wed on a beautiful beach or the top of a snow sprinkled mountain. You can make your day truly exquisite and even ethereal. But is it the best option for you. One of the main things that affect people’s choice of home or abroad is their wedding guest list. Generally speaking, if you go abroad, you will forgo a huge wedding and have only your nearest and dearest at hand. You can’t expect casual acquaintances to fork out for flights and accommodation on a whim. For some people, this will be ideal. It makes for an intimate moment shared between you and your partner and those you truly love. You can always have a wedding party once you’re back home with everyone else to celebrate. A second problem, however, is if some of your nearest and dearest are unable to travel. Perhaps a sister is heavily pregnant or a grandparent is old and frail. In these situations it may be better to stay closer to home, allowing everyone to be involved in the experience.


Tying the Knot Abroad - Everything you need to know - WeddingsAbroad.com


Choosing a Country

If heading overseas is right for you, you now need to choose a country. There are so many romantic locations around the world that you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. An easy way to narrow things down is to decide on whether you want to get married in a city or near the sea. Cities are a go-to option for many. Think of Paris, the city of love. Venice, renowned for its romantic gondolier journeys and dimly lit waterways. New York, the big apple, bustling with energy as you start out your new life together. If you prefer seaside vibes, you will probably like to head closer to the Caribbean, Hawaii or Pacific Islands. These will have beautiful white sand beaches, looking out to crystal clear waters as you say “I do” while basking in the sun’s rays.


Organising Yourself

Once you’ve opted for a country, you can start organizing key features of the wedding. It is essential that you have everything in place well in advance. Book a venue with enough seating for all of your guests. This goes without saying. You will also need to hire someone who is qualified to legally bind you in holy matrimony. Don’t forget smaller details too, like wedding photographers. You may think that your guests can capture the moment, but a local photographer will know the best spots and moments for stunning end results. Just take a look at Vittore Buzzi photographer. Based in Venice, the professional couple capture truly unique shots of couples in their wedding attire on gondolas and encapsulating the local culture. These kinds of shots make for lasting memories and are definitely worth the investment. Find local flower vendors to arrange your bouquet and do arrangements for the tables. If you find yourself coming up against language barriers, hire a translator to help you make your arrangements. This will help avoid errors or misunderstandings and make sure that everything is perfect and as you want it.


Tying the Knot Abroad - Everything you need to know - WeddingsAbroad.com


Organizing Your Guests

You will need to give your guests plenty of notice so that they can sort the financial aspects of traveling abroad. They may also need to renew passports and (depending on your location) might need to apply for VISAs. Some may need to arrange childcare or pet care for the duration that they are away. Most will also need to book vacation leave from work. If possible, try to get everyone to book their flights together so you can all leave from the same airport on the same plane. This will give a festive feel to the whole experience. You can start celebrating as you take off with champagne and you can all check into the hotel at the same time. This will make sure that you all get there smoothly without so many problems. If someone is unable to attend, don’t take things personally. Some people might not have the means or be able to get time off to be able to make it. It isn’t anything against you or your partner, and you can always celebrate when you get back on home ground.


Parties at Home

Once you get back on home ground, book out a large venue. Then you will be able to celebrate with all of the people who weren’t able to make it. You could even wear your dress again if you like. Just put it into the dry cleaners so it is looking just as perfect as the first time you wore it. Put on a spread and drinks and dance with your loved ones. Why not extend the festivities?


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