Top Tips for Weddings Abroad


Top Tips Weddings Abroad Premier Destination Wedding Company Worldwide



The destination should be a place that everyone would love to spend a week or two, a place that offers enough attractions and fun for both the wedding couple and guests.



By choosing a specialist destination wedding planner, you can be sure they are dedicated to the coordination and planning of weddings only. They offer exclusive and affordable wedding services with professionalism, commitment and expertise.



Think about the time of year you want to get married as this may affect your choice of destination. Research the local climate and make sure you avoid cyclones or the rainy season.


Top Tips Weddings Abroad Premier Destination Wedding Company Worldwide



The whole wedding is dependent upon your budget; first, create a budget for what you think allows for an ideal, yet reasonable, destination wedding. Highlight those expenses which are top priorities. For example, the location may be the most important element for you. Or perhaps the dress or dining is more important than the location. Whatever your preference is you need to budget for it.


Save the date

With a destination wedding, save-the-date cards are crucial. Send them off as early as possible, preferably at least eight months in advance. These are cards sent out well before your wedding invitations in order to inform guests of the upcoming wedding date and, in most instances, the location.


Keep in touch

A wedding website is the perfect way to keep your guests informed of travel and accommodation options, wedding details, dress codes and schedules. You can also include information such as expected weather plus links to amenities and attractions in the area.



Plan to arrive at your wedding destination a few days prior to the actual wedding to avoid any last minute glitches. Often there is paperwork and appointments to attend to so meet with your wedding planner on site. This will ensure you iron out all the fine detail and best of all you can relax and enjoy your dream destination wedding!



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