Top Destinations for a hen do

Top Destinations for a hen do

Destinations weddings have become a popular trend in tying the knot. Not only can they provide a place to holiday during the festivities but a special backdrop to one of life’s most momentous events. This trend is also extending to the pre-wedding festivities as well as many bridal parties are looking to host the hen do abroad as well.


Top Destinations for a hen do -


St. Moritz

Take a page from Pippa Middleton’s book and enjoy a skiing holiday for your hen do. This posh city has an air of glamour as you hit the slopes to enjoy a day of skiing. Given the St. Moritz’s high elevation, you can almost also be assured there will be snow. Many of the resorts here also include spa services so your hen do can have a glorious day of pampering as well.


Top Destinations for a hen do -


Las Vegas

With the city having mantras such as “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, bridal parties can be assured to find some fun in Vegas as the bride enjoys her last days as a singleton. Many casinos in the city do offer special packages with pre-planned activities which includes playing on games mentioned in online casino reviews or instead plan your own. Clubs can provide a memorable night on the town. Ghostbar has a rooftop dance floor which provides stunning views of the city. Limo rides can also be taken around iconic points of interest.


Top Destinations for a hen do -



Maybe a beach holiday is your ideal hen do. Bonaire, a Dutch Island located off the Venezuelan Coast, can provide a taste of the Caribbean without being too touristy. Beach houses can be rented and the party taken to the beach. The clear waters surrounding Bonaire make it a great place to scuba dive and snorkel. Perhaps your hen do wants to try windsurfing which can be found in Jibe City, on the eastern coast of the island.

By planning to take your hen do abroad; this once in a lifetime event can be even more memorable.


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