Newcastle – One of the UK’s most vibrant cities

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Stag Hen Newcastle Party -

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Stag Hen Newcastle -


Stag and hen parties are now firmly part of any pre-wedding celebrations – Forget about the traditional stag and hen parties, it’s all about the “Hag” do! (or the “Sten” night! ). The traditional single-sex soiree is now being replaced by mixed jaunts attended by friends of both the bride and the groom.

If you want to party in a big city at home or abroad, pick a destination that’s fun — but also affordable. Thanks to low-cost airlines increasing numbers of stag’s and hen’s are going abroad, however the UK based stag and hen parties still remain the most popular with Newcastle one of the top hot spots.  Years ago any mention of the words “stag do” or “hen party” doors would be shut in your face and phone calls wouldn’t be returned. Times they have changed,  now Newcastle embraces it’s reputation as one of the UK’s most vibrant cities with a fantastic array of pubs, clubs, bars and trendy night spots welcoming all those pre-wedding shindigs!

The city is busy all week, but Thursday to Sunday sees the greatest heights of debauchery. Friday night is generally the ‘lads’ and ‘lasses’ night out, with large groups  hunting in packs for the opposite sex and a good time. Saturday is more geared towards couples. Starting their evenings early, people are queuing for entrance to packed bars for a drink or two only before moving to the next queue, so the streets are swarming with bar-hopping youngsters.  Most bars play a mix of house and chart music, with a bit more mainstream RnB and Hip Hop being played in many places.


Stag Hen Newcastle - Pre-wedding parties -


Starting at one of the most well known and prominent drinking places in Newcastle – the Diamond Strip – the name given to the bars in and around Collingwood Street.  These bars typically portray a better quality, more expensive style of bar, and are now targeted more to the student and under 30’s crowd.  Next moving on to the notorious Bigg Market,  a short street with a heaving throng of pleasure seekers flitting from bar to bar. Don’t be put off by it’s hedonistic reputation – it really is a seriously cool place to party, as people shout above the music, and dance where they stand.  Then on to the Quayside, a short walk away – this magnificent metropolis, lining the banks of the River Tyne, is home to some of Newcastle’s swankiest bars and clubs


Stag Hen Newcastle Party -


Those who want to carry on dancing can head off to one of the numerous clubs, which, like the bars, are all within walking distance of one another. No one bothers to wear a coat, even in the depths of winter, but the heat generated inside the bars and clubs is so intense who needs another layer?  2am usually brings some respite to the liver, but just as you begin to recover it’s time to start all over again….

If you want to have a stag, hen or even hag weekend you will never forget and possibly barely remember, Newcastle is the city in which to celebrate!  Stag and Hen Experience have a few ideas to help you plan some memorable “Toon” send-offs for the soon to be married couple:


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