Save the Date….The Christmas Shopping can wait!

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Save the Date!....The Christmas Shopping can wait...

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As I demolished the holiday breakfast time treat of a pain au chocolat, I swear it was just to keep my ‘only ever eats’ marmite on bagel youngest son company – well it’s not worth warming up the oven for one solitary piece of decadent pastry is it?  Wiping away the crumbs off the screen of my phone,  I attempted to read my daily neverending to-do list.  With Christmas just three short sleeps away and still several elusive gifts to track down, my task list is ever expanding as my bank balance decreases faster than Santa down the chimney.


Save the date - Australia - Wedding Abroad


The ‘morning’ mail has arrived, bizarrely only in the week leading up to the big man’s arrival does it actually arrive in the morning – the other 51 weeks of the year we are lucky to peruse our bills by the time the teens drag themselves home from school.  Ploughing through the guilt inducing pile of Christmas cards, always appreciated yet this year the greetings, have not all been reciprocated…I’ve written and sent half a pack of cards designed by my nine-year old non-artistic cherub.  The other half still residing on my desk, awaiting my attention..oh and some postage stamps, another item on the bulging to buy list.

I love the tradition still carried on by several of my far flung friends and family of the round robin, often dubbed as a smug, non-personalised, copied open letter – I actually enjoy the funny, engaging ones especially from those who never joined the Facebook crowd. The one always worthy of a giggle or two is from a former newspaper editor friend, who now embraces life as a house husband, dog companion, errand running, family banker.  On opening the last card from one of my mum’s cousins in Australia, a slip of paper fell from the card to the floor, as I went to grab it I saw the words “Save The Date”  – this discovery had me on my feet, crumbs scattered across the room, at times like this I wish to we had a dog to hoover it  all up, but who cares….a wedding is about to happen in my family!  Me, yes ME “Mrs Wedding” has been asked to save the date for a wedding, not just any wedding but one ‘down-under’ – okay not just me but my husband and three children, have been invited to the wedding of one of my dearest relatives in Australia.  The bride is question is the only relative I have spent a considerable amount of time with, as she lived with us for six months whilst she chased her dreams in England.  So this is like a pre run for my own daughter getting wed!


Save the Date!....The Christmas Shopping can wait...


Skycanner and I have become great friends over the years, insomnia has a lot to do with the level and intensity of this friendship.  Most people read a book when they can’t sleep, I compare flights, prices and times.  It gets me through those long nights…. Cleaning away the grease smeared smudges off my phone, this old friend and I become reacquainted..oh how I’ve missed you.  So many options jump out at me, do I fly through Dubai, stopover in Singapore, or do the other way round route and head to LA…oooh decisions, decisions.  Just as I’m pondering whose passport is due to expire as the next year looms, and the wedding is just four months away – I realise as any other woman would, forget the flights and schedules for now, a more pressing problem arises…”what the heck am I going to wear”?

As fast as my kids run down the stairs on Christmas morning, I’m frantically searching for a fantastic frock, not just any frock – having not seen the rest of the family for quite a few years, I want to impress – now a forty something mother of three, whose deliveries all via the sunroof have not been kind to the tummy area, the stress of heart problem (thankfully now nearly fixed!) has caused more worry lines than I want to worry about on my face, not to mention the excess weight gained whilst sitting around feeling sorry for myself munching chocolate (and obviously pastries!).  So this dress has to be a miracle maker.  Of course, given the current state of my post Christmas shopping bank balance it also has to be somewhat affordable.  Discarding the option of wearing a dress I already own.  Pah! – Who want’s to do that?  I start browsing through my bookmarked sites for dream dresses and immediately stumble up one of all time favourites –  Coast!  What better timing!  A sale, the Christmas and January sales are always the best time of year sale too, especially when you want to buy a dress for a formal event.  Within five minutes my wish list is so much so I wish I had ten weddings to attend next year!


Save the date - Australia - Wedding Abroad


For this north of England Imelda Marcus shoes are not a problem.  My love affair with shoes, began early in life – I have a whole wall closet dedicated to my precious shoe collection, I kid you not!  Until recently the only souvenir I ever brought back from any trip was a pair of shoes, I have too many to count and I can tell you the exact history of each and every pair, I can also remember the emotions I have felt at wearing each pair for the first time. It’s true, no matter what size we are, we can usually find a pair of fabulous shoes to make us feel sexy, sassy, feminine, confident, powerful and pretty.  So the only problem will be deciding how many pairs I can fit in to my luggage!


Save the Date!....The Christmas Shopping can wait...



Before I dash off to order my ‘down-under’ dream dress I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….


Save the date - Christmas -




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