The Ring Makes The Proposal, So Make Sure You Get It Right

The day you get engaged is likely to be the third most important day in your relationship’s hopefully long and fruitful life, just behind the wedding and the birth of a first child. But there is one detail that will make or break it above all else. The ring. It’s more than just a thing, it’s a very visual and physical affirmation of love and respect. If you don’t get it right, it can send entirely the wrong message.


Ring Proposal - The Ring Makes The Proposal So Get It RIght -


The cost

Did you know that the tradition of spending one-to-three months’ salary on a ring was invented in a marketing campaign by the De Beer’s diamond cartel? It’s easy to see why they would suggest that but the truth is it’s one tradition you should feel free to flaunt. The other aspects beneath will help you find the kind of ring you want, from there, the price doesn’t matter as much as choosing a ring that looks and feels great. It is, however, worth looking at ring insurance if you do plan on splurging some on the ring. A ring can easily become one of your most valuable assets, it would be a shame for anything to happen to it.


Ring Proposal - The Ring Makes The Proposal So Get It RIght -


The size

It doesn’t matter how nice a ring looks if you can’t get it on her finger. Find out her ring size before you make any orders. The most effective way to do that is to sneak away any rings she already wears and get the jeweler to measure it.


Ring Proposal - The Ring Makes The Proposal So Get It RIght -


The style

This can be one of the harder parts. Gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum? Oval cut or emerald? It might be worth asking a family member of hers or a friend that can keep a secret on finding the right ring to fit her style. When in doubt, however, checking the most recent styles, like the 2017 engagement trends can help you land on a safer option. Don’t go too stylistic or alternative unless you’re 100% sure that she is into that style. The surprise should be in the proposal, not how wacky or off-beat the engagement ring is.


Ring Proposal - The Ring Makes The Proposal So Get It RIght -


The stone

Regardless of the style, learning the 4 C’s of diamond quality is going to help you buy a better ring no matter what. Getting a better cut, color, clarity, and carat is going to cost more. So, you have to prioritize where you spend your money. The most visible changes are in clarity. It’s a measure of how many little marks, or occlusions, a diamond has, which are some of the most immediately noticeable imperfections.


Ring Proposal - The Ring Makes The Proposal So Get It RIght -


The delivery

An engagement ring is only as good as how it’s delivered, as well. Setting the scene is essential. Some of the most popular choices include taking her back to where a first date was had or on a city break to some of the most romantic places in the world.

Hopefully, the tips above help you decide which to get now that you plan on putting a ring on it. Now get out there and floor her with your excellent choice.



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