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Attracted by art since my childhood, photography was a revelation for me.
Graduated from the Academy of Drawing and Visual Arts in Belgium, it is in 2010 that I decided to go on an adventure by going to Portland, in order to perfect my photographic techniques.
I discovered the world of digital images and my artistic vision changed completely. It is at this same time that I begin my career by making portraits of actors, comedians and singers.
I also decided to turn to wedding photography allowing me to express, in images, the love between two people.
Today, I offer my services to companies and individuals around the world to immortalize their festive moments.
In 2020, I started my career as an international photographer with, to my credit, the following countries :
➣ France
➣ Italy
➣ Morocco
➣ Tanzanie
➣ The Netherlands

S'Artist Photography is a Belgian photographer working in Europe and beyond.

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